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Senator Joe Lieberman Attacks Clinton

Sen. Joe Lieberman today addressed his colleagues in the United States Senate with regard to President Clinton and the Independent Counsel’s investigation.

Lieberman TITLE=Lieberman, a Democrat from Connecticut, attacked Clinton’s behaviour with Monica Lewinsky, saying his feelings “have gone beyond my personal dismay to a larger, graver sense of loss for our country, a reckoning of the damage that the President’s conduct has done to the proud legacy of his presidency, and ultimately an accounting of the impact of his actions on our democracy and its moral foundations.”

Lieberman said: “The President’s relationship with Miss Lewinsky not only contradicted the values he has publicly embraced over the past six years. It has compromised his moral authority at a time when Americans of every political persuasion agree that the decline of the family is one of the most pressing problems we as a nation are facing.”

Remarks by Senator Joe Lieberman.

Mr. President, I rise today to make a most difficult and distasteful statement, for me probably the most difficult statement I have made on this floor in my ten years in the Senate. [Read more…]