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Condolences For Former Senator Janine Haines – House Of Representatives

The House of Representatives has paid tribute to former Senator Janine Haines, who died on November 20, 2004. She was 59.

Haines was first appointed to a South Australian casual vacancy in the Senate in 1977. At that time, she replaced the former Liberal Movement Senator Steele Hall, who had resigned and ultimately rejoined the Liberal Party and was elected to the House.

Haines’ term expired in 1978, but she was elected as an Australian Democrats senator at the 1980 election, taking her seat in 1981. Following Don Chipp’s retirement in 1986, she became leader of the party.

Haines resigned her Senate seat to contest the House seat of Kingston at the 1990 election but she was defeated by the sitting Labor MP, Gordon Bilney. [Read more…]

Tony Windsor Accuses Anderson And McDonald Of Bribery

The independent member for New England, Tony Windsor, has spoken under parliamentary privilege in the House of Representatives and levelled accusations of bribery against the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, and the NSW National Party Senator Sandy McDonald.

The allegations relate to an ongoing police investigation and provide flesh to charges first made by Windsor during the recent election campaign.

Windsor won the traditionally National Party electorate of New England in 2001, following a 10-year stint as the independent member for the state seat of Tamworth. [Read more…]

John Anderson Denies Tony Windsor Allegations

The Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party, John Anderson, has denied allegations by the independent member for New England, Tony Windsor, that he was the source of “improper inducements” to Windsor to give up his seat.

Responding in the Adjournment Debate in the House of Representatives 30 minutes after the allegations were made, Anderson said: “I repudiate completely the claims. I do not engage in corrupt behaviour.” [Read more…]

John Howard’s 2004 Election Policy Speech

Prime Minister John Howard has officially launched the Coalition’s campaign for the 2004 Federal Election.

The launch took place in Brisbane.

The Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman, introduced Treasurer Peter Costello, who in turn introduced the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson. [Read more…]

Howard And Anderson Release Coalition’s Water Policy

The Prime Minister, John Howard, and the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, today released the Coalition’s Water policy.

The policy document, Securing Australia’s Water Future, appears below.

Howard and Anderson held a press conference to launch the policy. [Read more…]

COAG Meeting Reaches Water Agreement But State Leaders Walk Out Over Health

This is the text and partial audio of the Council of Australian Governments meeting in Canberra.

Agreement was reached on the Water issue, but the State and Territory leaders walked out of the meeting because of disagreement over Health. [Read more…]

Anderson And Alston Address Communications Future And Telstra Services

This is the audio of a press conference on Telstra by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, and the Minister for Communications, Senator Richard Alston.

The two ministers announced a series of measures to address deficiencies in the communications sector, given the advent of the broadband future. [Read more…]

Simon Crean Queries John Anderson On Sacking Of Allan Hawke

Following the Federal Government’s termination of Allan Hawke as Secretary of the Defence Department, the Opposition Leader, Simon Crean, directed a question in the House of Representatives to the Acting Prime Minister, John Anderson.

Crean asked why the government has decided not to renew Dr. Hawke’s contract. Anderson did not provide a clear answer. [Read more…]

John Anderson Says He Will Resign If Nationals Don’t Improve Position At Next Election

The National Party leader, John Anderson, said he would resign if his party didn’t lift its performance in the next election.

Anderson commented on the party and on the proposed sales of Telstra. [Read more…]

Nationals Leader John Anderson Laments Loss Of Traditional Family Values

The National Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson has decried the loss of traditional family values.


Anderson spoke to a conference of the National Party, at which he delivered a critique of the 1960s. [Read more…]