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“Such A Bastard”: Nicola Roxon Condemns Rudd In Button Memorial Lecture

Nicola Roxon, Health Minister throughout the first Rudd government and Attorney-General during the Gillard government, has condemned Kevin Rudd, whilst delivering the John Button Memorial Lecture, in Melbourne.

Roxon called on Rudd to leave the Parliament, “otherwise the action of any Labor leader will always be tested through the prism of popularity compared to him”.

The now retired member for Gellibrand said the removal of Rudd in 2010 was the right thing to do but was handled “very poorly”. She described Rudd’s government as one of “dysfunctional decision-making” with a “lack of strategy”. [Read more…]

Land Of Hope And Dreams: Wayne Swan’s John Button Oration

This is Treasurer Wayne Swan’s John Button Oration, delivered tonight.

Wayne Swan [Read more…]

FuelWatch Launched By Kevin Rudd And Chris Bowen

The Rudd government today launched FuelWatch, a national scheme to promote competition and transparency in the petrol market.

The scheme was announced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Assistant Treasurer Chris Bowen at the Penrith Council Chambers in western Sydney.

Petrol stations in metropolitan and major regional centres will now be required to notify the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) of their next day’s prices by 2.00pm the day before. They will be required to maintain this price for 24 hours. [Read more…]

Quotes From The 2001 Federal Election

This page provides a collection of extended quotations gathered during the 2001 Federal Election campaign.

The quotes cover the campaign period and the election’s aftermath.

How A Single-Issue Party Held Onto Power

We shall never know for certain that the Tampa would have been, by itself, sufficient to ensure the Howard Government a third term or whether it was the combination of the Tampa “crisis” and September 11 that the Howard Government required. What we do know, however, is that when the now retired Defence Minister, Peter Reith, suggested that al-Qaeda terrorists might be found among the Afghan and Iraqi asylum seekers on the leaky vessels travelling to Australia, a politically decisive connection between border control and the terrorist threat to Australia was conjured in the public’s mind. [Read more…]

1987 Federal Election: ALP TV Advertisements

This is a selection of ALP election advertisements for the 1987 Federal Election.

The ALP’s campaign theme was “Let’s Stick Together”. The Hawke government was re-elected to a third term, defeating the Liberal-National Coalition led by John Howard. [Read more…]

John Button’s Letter To Bill Hayden

This is the text of Senator John Button’s letter urging Federal Opposition Leader Bill Hayden to resign.

ButtonThe letter was sent on January 28, 1983. It followed the ALP’s defeat in the Flinders by-election in December 1982.

Hayden had been ALP leader since succeeding Gough Whitlam in 1977. He had made up some ground in the 1980 federal election but doubts were held about his ability to defeat Malcolm Fraser. Speculation that Fraser might call an early election was starting to build.

Bob Hawke had been elected to the parliament in 1980. He unsuccessfully challenged Hayden for the leadership in July 1982.

On February 3, 1983, Hayden resigned and Bob Hawke was installed as ALP leader. Simultaneously, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was in the process of calling an early double dissolution election. Hawke defeated Fraser in the March 5 election. [Read more…]