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British Media Tougher On Responsibilities: Democrats

This is the text of a speech delivered in Parliament by Senator John Cherry of the Australian Democrats.

Senator John CherryI rise today to speak on the media.

A fortnight ago, Roy Greenslade, a columnist with the “Observer” in London, did a comprehensive analysis of all major newspapers owned by News Corporation around the world, all 175 major titles. And all 175 newspapers in their editorials were running a line that was pro-war in Iraq. Mr Greenslade described this as an “extraordinary unity of thought”, all the more extraordinary because it happens to coincide with Rupert Murdoch’s public views on the war, published last month in the “Bulletin” magazine.

Conrad Black is also on the public record supporting Tony Blair “courageous” stance on the war, a line echoed enthusiastically in his British newspapers.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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