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Video: Sunday Political Talk Shows

Video of Meet The Press and The Bolt Report.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and independent Tony Windsor appeared on Meet The Press. Liberal Dennis Jensen appeared on The Bolt Report, Grace Collier discussed industrial relations, whilst John Della Bosca and Alexander Downer discussed the political week.

ALP National Conference Begins In Hobart

The Australian Labor Party’s National Conference begins today in Hobart.

BeazleyThe conference is the supreme governing body of the party and consists of nearly 200 delegates from all States and Territories. It includes all the parliamentary leaders of the party around the country.

Full details of the Conference are available from the ALP’s web site.

The conference will write the party’s platform for the election due next year.

The conference comes amid criticism of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s leadership in the wake of the debacle that followed John Della Bosca’s public comments questioning the party’s “rollback” strategy on the GST.

The conference will also elect a new party president to replace Barry Jones. Della Bosca was originally the anointed candidate, but he withdrew following his comments on the GST. It seems likely that right-wing Victorian union leader Greg Sword will win the position. [Read more…]

ALP National Secretary Gary Gray Resigns

The ALP’s National Secretary, Gary Gray, has announced his intention to resign early next year, citing an inability to commit himself to another election campaign.

Gray’s resignation follows an acrimonious period of disputation with the former Secretary of the NSW ALP, John Della Bosca. The two men were at loggerheads during the 1998 Federal election. The NSW branch of the party refused to follow Federal ALP strategy in the campaign and both sides have blamed each other for the ALP’s failure to make substantial gains in NSW. [Read more…]