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Abbott Moves Into 23rd Place

Tony Abbott is now the 23rd longest-serving prime minister since Federation.

With his official prime ministership – dated from his swearing in on September 18 last year – now of 3 months and 21 days duration, Abbott has surpassed John “Chris” Watson’s term in 1904.

Abbott has already overtaken Frank Forde, Earle Page, John McEwen and Arthur Fadden.

For trivia buffs, Abbott is now sandwiched between Watson and George Reid, who both served in 1904, the first year of three prime ministers. Abbott was himself one of three prime ministers in 2013.

On August 5, he will overtake Reid and move into 22nd position among the 28 prime ministers since 1901.

Provided he survives the year, Abbott will also overtake the first Liberal leader, Joseph Cook, in November.

When he catches up to Harold Holt in August 2015, Abbott will finally have moved ahead of a prime minister who actually won an election.

Longest Currently Serving Members Of Federal Parliament

Longest Currently Serving Members of the Australian Parliament
– as at May 2001
No. Name Division, State Party First Elected Period in Office
Ruddock, Hon. Philip Maxwell Berowra, NSW LP 1973 28 years
Cadman, Alan Glyndwr Mitchell, NSW LP 1974 27 years
Howard, Hon. John Winston Bennelong, NSW LP 1974 27 years
Sullivan, Kathryn Jean Martin Moncrieff, Qld LP 1984 (Senator 1974-84) 27 years
Harradine, Senator Brian Tas Ind 1975 26 years
Jull, Hon. David Francis Fadden, Qld LP 1975, def. 1983, 1984 23 years
Watson, Senator John Odin Wentworth Tas LP 1978 23 years
McLeay, Hon. Leo Boyce Watson, NSW ALP 1979 22 years
Chapman, Senator Hedley Grant Pearson SA LP 1987 (MHR 1975-83) 21 years