David Schipper’s Report to the House Judiciary Committee

The following is the text of the report to the House Judiciary Committee from David P. Schippers, the committee’s chief investigative counsel in the impeachment inquiry.

Report by David Schippers to the House Judiciary Committee.

On Oct. 5, 1998, I came before this Committee to advise you of the results of our analysis and review of the Referral from the Office of the Independent Counsel. We concluded that there existed substantial and credible evidence of several separate events directly involving the President that COULD constitute grounds for impeachment. At that time I specifically limited my review and report to evidence of possible felonies. In addition, I asserted that the Report and analysis was merely a litany of crimes that MIGHT HAVE been committed. [Read more…]

Articles Of Impeachment: Bill Clinton

The US House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary passed four Articles of Impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

The votes took place over December 11 and December 12, 1998.

All Democrats on the Committee voted against the Articles. One Republican voted against Article II but otherwise all votes in favour were from Republicans. [Read more…]

Roll Call Of House Judiciary Committee Votes On Clinton Impeachment Articles

The House Judiciary Committee voted in favour of four Articles of Impeachment.

The first Article of Impeachment dealt with perjury to a Grand Jury; the second with perjury in the Paula Jones case; the third with obstruction of justice; and the fourth with abuse of power.

The 21 Republicans on the Committee all supported Articles 1, 3 and 4. Lindsay Graham voted against Article 2. [Read more…]

Charles Ruff, Clinton Attorney, Testifies Before Judiciary Committee

This is the text of Charles Ruff’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.

Ruff was Clinton’s attorney and represented him in the subsequent Senate trial.

Text of Charles Ruff statement to the House Judiciary Committee.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I probably will not use all of that time because, very candidly, having watched these proceedings with interest for the last two days, it seems to me that perhaps the most productive thing I can do and my colleagues can do is to respond to the questions of this committee. But I will, with the chair’s permission, speak for a while about some of the issues that I think are important for all of us to understand. [Read more…]