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Who Says Abbott Should Flick The Switch To Positive?

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have one thing in common: Their lives contain the never-ending irritation of people telling them how they should do their jobs.

AbbottEven their summer break won’t be free of the buzz of gratuitous advice. As much as they must wish to swat it away, politics demands they feign nonchalance.

In their private moments, I kind of hope they rail against the indignity of it. After all, they’re the ones who entered the arena and made it into parliament. As they claw and scramble their way to the top, they must surely know that the rest of us would struggle, as the Americans say, to be elected dog catcher. “Walk in my shoes awhile, you have no idea,” they must sometimes think.

Gillard has had more than her share of advice this year but in recent weeks the political and journalistic establishment has turned its attention to Abbott. The message is a simple one: it’s time to go positive. [Read more…]

Rudd Rules Out Beazley As Governor-General

Kim Beazley will not be appointed Governor-General, according to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. [Read more…]

Kim Beazley (ALP-Brand) – Valedictory Speech

After a 27-year parliamentary career, Kim Beazley delivered his valedictory speech to the House of Representatives on September 20, 2007.


Beazley’s political career began in 1980, when he was elected as the member for Swan, in Western Australia. He was appointed Minister for Aviation in Bob Hawke’s first government in 1983. In 1984, he became Minister for Defence. He served in a variety of portfolios throughout the entire duration of the Hawke and Keating governments, including Transport, Employment, and Finance. He was Deputy Prime Minister in the final years of the Keating government.

In 1996, Beazley became ALP leader and Leader of the Opposition. Despite securing a 4.61% swing and 50.98% of the two-party-preferred vote at the 1998 federal election, and winning 18 seats from the Howard government, Beazley failed to win office. He also lost the 2001 election and relinquished the leadership to Simon Crean. [Read more…]

War On Terror Is Battle Of Ideas: Cheney

The ‘war on terror’ is more than a contest of arms, and more than a test of will, according to the United States Vice-President, Richard Cheney.

Vice-President Richard CheneyAddressing the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue in Sydney, Cheney said the war on terror “is a battle of ideas”. He said: “We now know to a certainty that when people across the Middle East are denied all freedom, and left to the mercy of fanatical tyrants and false prophets, that is a direct strategic concern of free nations everywhere. By taking the side of moderates, reformers, and advocates for democracy; by providing an alternative to hateful ideologies; we improve the chances for a lasting peace, and we advance our own security interests.” [Read more…]

Kevin Rudd Elected Leader Of The ALP; Gillard New Deputy

Kevin Rudd became leader of the ALP on December 4, 2006.

Rudd defeated Kim Beazley by 49 votes to 39 in a Caucus ballot.

Julia Gillard was elected deputy leader unopposed, replacing Jenny Macklin.

The new Opposition Leader was the first Queenslander to lead the ALP since Bill Hayden (1977-83).

  • Watch the Rudd-Gillard press conference (21m)
  • Listen to Rudd-Gillard (21m)

Transcript of Kevin Rudd’s opening remarks at his first press conference as ALP leader.

So now the new and the real work begins.

Today the Australian Labor party elected a new leadership team with a new leadership style for Australia’s future. A new style of leadership.

Kim Beazley’s just spoken to you. Kim is a good man. I’ve known him for a long, long time. He spoke very well today. He is a man who has given to this party and this movement and this country a hang of a lot over the last quarter of a century or more. [Read more…]

Kim Beazley Loses ALP Leadership Contest To Kevin Rudd

This is the audio of Kim Beazley’s press conference, following his defeat by Kevin Rudd in a caucus ballot for the ALP leadership.

Beazley first became leader of the ALP in 1996, following the defeat of the Keating government. He narrowly failed to win the 1998 election and was again defeated by John Howard in 2001, after which he relinquished the leadership to Simon Crean.

Beazley returned to the leadership in January 2005, following the resignation of Mark Latham.

  • Listen to Beazley (9m)

Kim Beazley’s Leadership Questioned After Rove McManus Slip

Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s leadership has been called into question, following an embarrassing slip of the tongue when Beazley confused entertainer Rove McManus with US political operative Karl Rove.

Beazley was commenting on McManus following the death of the television entertainer’s wife, Belinda Emmett. [Read more…]

Kim Beazley Statement To The House On Iraq

This is Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s response to Prime Minister John Howard’s Ministerial Statement on Iraq.

The statement concerned Australia’s Defence Force commitment in southern Iraq.

  • Listen to Kim Beazley (17m)

Hansard transcript of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s statement to the House of Representatives on Iraq.

Mr BEAZLEY (Leader of the Opposition) (3:29 PM) —I agree with the last sentence of the Prime Minister’s statement. As always, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who are serving their country bravely. But we should never have gone to Iraq in the first place, and we should not be there now. Iraq is a quagmire and staying there is not in our national interest. Make no mistake about it: we are opposed to the war in Iraq. We want our troops in Al Muthanna province home now, as the Japanese withdraw. [Read more…]

Kim Beazley Speech To NSW ALP Conference

This is the partial audio of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s speech to the NSW ALP State Conference. [Read more…]

Kim Beazley’s Budget Reply Speech 2006

The Leader of the Opposition, Kim Beazley, has delivered his Budget Reply Speech on behalf of the ALP.

Beazley said the budget “fails Middle Australia and mortgages our kids’ future”. He announced what he described as a “pact with Middle Australia”.

  • Listen to Kim Beazley’s Speech (31m)

Hansard transcript of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s Budget Reply Speech.

Mr BEAZLEY (Leader of the Opposition) (7:30 PM) —This budget fails Middle Australia and mortgages our kids’ future. That is why tonight I want to speak to the families of Australia about our shared hopes and aspirations for the future. I want to speak directly to the millions of Middle Australians at home with their families in the suburbs, the country towns, the cities and the bush. This is for them. Probably they are just finishing dinner, washing the dishes, helping the kids with their homework, all the time trying to keep half an eye on the TV—managing the competing demands that crowd each waking moment; sitting at tables in kitchens where the magnets chase the bills around the fridge door until payday; figuring out if there is enough in the bank to cover this month’s mortgage or if there is enough petrol in the car to get to the child-care centre, then school, then to work and then home; doing the mental arithmetic of family life; tired at the end of another working day, knowing it starts all over again tomorrow. They are the ones I really want to speak to—not the politicians, not the journalists. [Read more…]