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Ari Sharp – Kooyong Democrats Leaflet – 2001

This is an election distributed by Ari Sharp in the federal electorate of Kooyong during the 2001 election.

Sharp was the Australian Democrats candidate in the election. [Read more…]

The Sharp End: The Work Of The Local Candidate

Ari Sharp, Australian Democrats candidate for Kooyong, reports from the campaign frontline.

SharpIt is often difficult to work out just what the role of a local candidate is in a Federal election.

In recent times, Australian politics has become overwhelmingly presidential in the way campaigns are fought and the way that the media covers a campaign.

A presidential campaign is one in which the leaders of the major parties are the central figures, and the election is considered a battle of competing personalities rather than parties or ideologies. Parties invest large amounts in developing profile and recognition of their leaders, and this is put to the test come election time. [Read more…]

The Sharp End: Everything Has Changed Since August

Ari Sharp, Australian Democrats candidate for Kooyong, reports from the campaign frontline.

SharpFor months we all thought we knew the terms that this coming federal election would be fought on.

Following on from successive anti-conservative votes in Western Australia, Queensland, Ryan and the Northern Territory, it seemed that Howard would be fighting against a tide of change, pissing into the wind, as more poetic people might put it.

Most of us even thought we knew the election date, with the Constitution, various state elections and CHOGM commitments leaving only a few possible Saturdays. [Read more…]

The Sharp End: A Candidate’s Story

In a regular series during the election, Ari Sharp, the Australian Democrats candidate for Kooyong, provides a candidate’s perspective on the election. Ari is 18 years old and contesting one of the “jewels in the crown” of the Victorian Liberal Party.

SharpSince 1922, Kooyong has had only four members, three of whom (Latham, Menzies & Peacock) have been leaders of the conservative side of politics. The incumbent, Petro Georgiou, has held the seat since 1994. His political career has stalled since he rejected an appointment as a Parliamentary Secretary under John Howard.

The Australian Democrats polled 8.11% of the primary vote at the 1998 election. The Liberal Party garnered 54.83% of the primary vote. After the distribution of preferences, this vote increased to 61.39%. [Read more…]

Ari Sharp, 18, Chosen As Democrats Candidate In Kooyong

The Australian Democrats have preselected an 18-year-old commerce student as their candidate for Kooyong for the forthcoming Federal election.

SharpThe Democrats candidate, Ari Sharp from Hawthorn East, will be the youngest person ever elected to Federal Parliament if he wins the support of the electorate.

Democrats’ Senator for Victoria, Lyn Allison, said, “Ari Sharp represents a new wave of political thinking that is fresh and enthusiastic. [Read more…]

Andrew Peacock (Liberal-Kooyong) How-To-Vote Card

This is the how-to-vote card issued by Andrew Peacock in Kooyong for the 1993 federal election.

Peacock had represented Kooyong since 1966, when he succeeded the Liberal Party’s founder, Sir Robert Menzies. He was Defence and Army minister during the Gorton government (1969-71) and External Territories minister during the McMahon government (1972). He was Foreign Minister in the Fraser government (1975-80) and Industrial Relations minister (1980-81). He unsuccessfully challenged Malcolm Fraser for the leadership in 1981, before returning to the cabinet as Industry and Commerce minister in 1982. [Read more…]