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UK Labour Election Report Released

This is the text of the report into the UK Labour Party’s 2015 election defeat.

The report, titled Learning the Lessons From Defeat, was compiled by Margaret Beckett, a former minister in the Blair and Brown governments.

Beckett held the post of Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs between 2006 and 2007. She was a member of the House of Commons from 1974 until 1979, and has been the Labour member for Derby South since 1983.


Labour Party Manifesto – 2015 UK Election

This is the Labour Party manifesto for the 2015 UK General Election.

The election was held on May 7. The Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister David Cameron, defeated the Labour Party, led by Ed Miliband.


Blair Announces Resignation After Ten Years As British Prime Minister

Tony Blair has announced that he will relinquish the British prime ministership on June 27.

Addressing his party members and supporters in his Sedgefield constituency, Blair confirmed his departure after ten years. He became Prime Minister on May 2, 1997.

  • Listen to Blair’s Resignation Announcement (20m)
  • Listen to Blair and Opposition Leader Cameron in the House of Commons (May 9 – 3m)

Text of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Resignation Announcement.

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain, 1997-2007I have come back here, to Sedgefield, to my constituency. Where my political journey began and where it is fitting it should end.

Today I announce my decision to stand down from the leadership of the Labour Party. The Party will now select a new Leader. On 27 June I will tender my resignation from the office of Prime Minister to The Queen.

I have been Prime Minister of this country for just over 10 years. In this job, in the world today, that is long enough, for me but more especially for the country. Some times the only way you conquer the pull of power is to set it down. [Read more…]

Labour Party Manifesto – 2005 UK Election

This is the Labour Party’s manifesto for the 2005 United Kingdom General election.

The election was held on May 5, 2005.

Led by Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Labour Party won its third consecutive victory against the Conservative Party. The Conservatives were led by Michael Howard.


UK Labour Party Election Manifesto – 2001

This is the UK Labour Party’s Election Manifesto for the 2001 General Election.

Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Labour Party secured its second consecutive landslide victory at the General Election on June 7, 2001. Labour won 413 seats, 5 less than in 1997. The Conservatives, led by William Hague, won 166 seats, up 1. The Liberal Democrats, led by Charles Kennedy, won 52 seats, up 6. [Read more…]

Clause IV Of The UK Labour Party Constitution – 1994

This is Clause IV of the UK Labour Party’s Constitution.

First drafted in 1918, the Clause was significantly amended in 1995.

Clause IV of the UK Labour Party Constitution.

* * * * * CLAUSE IV PROFILE * * * * * [Read more…]

Tony Blair’s Leadership Acceptance Speech

Tony Blair was elected leader of the UK Labour Party following the death of John Smith.


Blair went on to win the 1997 election. He was re-elected in 2001 and 2005. He relinquished the leadership to Gordon Brown in 2007.

  • Listen to Blair’s leadership acceptance speech (27m)

Text of Tony Blair’s leadership acceptance speech, July 21, 1994.


It is an honour to lead this Party. I accept it with humility, with excitement and with a profound sense of the responsibility upon me. I joined this Party through conviction, because of what I believed it would do for our country. I have not wavered in that conviction.

You have put your trust in me and I vow to you I shall repay that trust with unstinting service and dedication to our Party and our country. And I shall not rest until, once again, the destinies of our people and our Party are joined together again, in victory at the next General Election. Labour in its rightful place – in government again. [Read more…]

UK Labour Party Manifesto – 1945 General Election

This is the full text of the British Labour Party’s Election Manifesto for the 1945 General Election.

The election was held on July 5, 1945, just two months after the end of the war in Europe. Led by Clement Atlee, the Labour Party unexpectedly defeated the Conservative Party led by Winston Churchill. Labour won 393 seats to the Conservatives 197. Atlee won a second election in 1950 but was defeated in 1951.


Labour Party Manifesto for the 1945 British General Election.

1945 Labour Manifesto

A Declaration of Labour Policy for the Consideration of the Nation


Victory is assured for us and our allies in the European war. The war in the East goes the same way. The British Labour Party is firmly resolved that Japanese barbarism shall be defeated just as decisively as Nazi aggression and tyranny. The people will have won both struggles. The gallant men and women in the Fighting Services, in the Merchant Navy, Home Guard and Civil Defence, in the factories and in the bombed areas – they deserve and must be assured a happier future than faced so many of them after the last war. Labour regards their welfare as a sacred trust. [Read more…]