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Eric Reece, ‘Electric Eric’, Former Premier of Tasmania, Dies, 90

Eric Reece, twice Labor Premier of Tasmania, has died, aged 90. Reece, a strong proponent of hydro-electric power, who earned the soubriquet “Electric Eric”, was the second longest-serving Premier of Tasmania, completing two terms from 26 August 1958 until 26 May 1969, and again from 3 May 1972 until 31 March 1975. Reece had recently come out in support of the “Yes” case for the Republican referendum. Reece became Premier in 1958 following the retirement of long-time Labor leader, Robert Cosgrove. He faced an early test of strength in 1959 when he dismissed Dr. R.J.D. Turnbull as Treasurer. Turnbull had been charged with bribery over a lottery licence scandal, but a jury had been unable to agree on a verdict. Reece held an early election in 1959, following the enlargement of the House of Assembly to 35 members. Under the Hare-Clark method of proportional representation, this meant that the lower…
Malcolm Farnsworth
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