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A Century Apart, The Kooyong Elections Of 1922 And 2022

He’d been the member for Kooyong for 12 years and was facing his fifth general election contest, but lost his seat, partly because of his very unpopular leader.

No, not Josh Frydenberg, but his predecessor, Sir Robert Best, who lost Kooyong one hundred years ago today, December 16, 1922.

Best and Frydenberg are the only two incumbent members for Kooyong to have been defeated in 121 years.

Both men were well regarded in their political circles. Both had served for 12 years. Both suffered from an unpopular leader. Both lost support to an insurgent campaigner. Both were defeated on Labor preferences.

Best, a Nationalist, was replaced by John Latham, later Sir John, a dissident Nationalist. Frydenberg, a Liberal, was replaced by Monique Ryan, an independent.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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