Which Seats Have Changed Hands So Far In The Federal Election?

This table shows the House of Representatives seats that have changed hands at the 2016 federal election.

Note: Counting has not concluded. Other seats may be added to this list in coming days. The swing percentages shown below may alter slightly. Details of the latest counting is here.

So far, 16 seats have changed hands. The Liberal/LNP/CLP have lost 13 seats, 11 to the ALP, one to the Nick Xenophon Team (NXT) and one to The Nationals. The ALP has lost one seat to the Liberals.

The Coalition parties went into the election holding 90 seats, the ALP 55, with 5 crossbenchers.

In NSW, the seat of Barton, whilst held by the Liberal Party, was notionally Labor (4.4%), following a redistribution. The seat of Dobell, whilst held by the Liberal Party, was nationally Labor (0.2%). The seat of Paterson, whilst held by the Liberal Party, was notionally Labor (0.4%). [Read more…]

Bill Shorten Appears On QandA

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has appeared on the ABC’s QandA program.

Shorten appeared solo at a venue in Penrith, in the electorate of Lindsay, currently held for the Liberal Party by Fiona Scott. The program was hosted by Tony Jones.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will apppear on the program next week.

The videos shown below were posted on YouTube by the ALP during the broadcast of the program. An email to ALP supporters following the program is also shown. [Read more…]

Gillard Offers Western Sydney Motorway Funding With Conditions

On the first full day of her week-long campaign in western Sydney, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has promised funding for the western Sydney motorway network, provided the state government comes up with an acceptable business plan.

Speaking beside a noisy motorway with Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese and Labor MPs from western Sydney, Gillard stipulated several conditions for her government’s support for WestConnex project. [Read more…]

Day 33: The Dying Moments

The rhythms and rituals of the election campaign have played out as they always do.

In this final week, the cacophony of advertising has reached its peak and is now banned from the airwaves.

The party leaders continue to rush from one media appearance to another. Television and radio programs stage last-minute interviews and debates. Extended on-location visits to towns, suburbs and shopping centres allow for the appearance of taking the election to the people. These programs feature “final appeals” from the parties.

The set-piece speeches at the National Press Club are given due deference by those who take their politics seriously. The leaders need an opportunity to restate their cases and make one last attempt to promote their vision.

Opinion polls dominate the final week as never before. This time around, we even have “mega polls” of marginal seats. The statistical experts dissect the figures to tell us what we’re going to do this weekend. [Read more…]