Coalition Outpolls Labor In Australia Day Honours

The annual list of Australia Day honours has been released.

Politically, the Liberal and National Parties have done well in this year’s honours.

The former Deputy Prime Minister, Tim Fischer, and the former Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett, have been made ACs, Companions of the Order of Australia, the highest category.

Lynton Crosby, the former federal director of the Liberal Party, was made an AO. Crosby has been in the news in recent days for his role in advising the British Conservative Party leader, Michael Howard. Howard has announced an immigration policy which includes a crackdown on asylum seekers. [Read more…]

Lynton Crosby: 2001 Federal Election Analysis

Lynton CrosbyIn an address to the National Press Club today, the Federal Director of the Liberal Party, Lynton Crosby, has taken issue with the general belief that the issue of asylum-seekers and refugees was crucial in determining the outcome of the recent election.

In what will be just the beginning of a long struggle to write the history of the election, Crosby argued that economic management was a more significant issue and cited polling which placed asylum-seekers as the sixth most important issue.

  • Listen to Lynton Crosby’s speech (65m)

Transcript of Lynton Crosby’s National Press Club Address.

It is always good to be at the Press Club following an election win!

Today I want to share my thoughts on the underlying influences on the election outcome and make some observations about the myriad of post-election commentary and analysis.

The Challenge

The 2001 federal election, we were frequently told, was near mathematically impossible for the Liberal Party to win. [Read more…]

Howard Says He Has Listened To The Voters But Maintains Government Direction Is Sound

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has held a press conference in Canberra this afternoon in which he has accepted responsibility for the Ryan by-election.

HowardHoward says he has heard what the voters have to say, but he maintained that the result was more akin to the by-elections in Adelaide and Port Adelaide in 1988, and Oxley in 1989. In these elections, the Hawke government suffered large swings, up to 14%, losing the previously safe Adelaide electorate.

Howard argued that the swing of 10% against his government in Ryan was less than the swings against the ALP in its by-elections and denied that the result meant he could not win this year’s general election.

The Prime Minister argued that he would need to explain his government’s policies better and said that the nation could not pull back from its involvement with the rest of the world. [Read more…]

Lynton Crosby: 1998 Election Analysis

Lynton Crosby has addressed the National Press Club on the outcome of the 1998 federal election.

Crosby is the Federal Director of the Liberal Party.

Transcript of Lynton Crosby’s Address to the National Press Club.

Lynton Crosby, Federal Director of the Liberal PartyIn preparation for this address I took the time to read the remarks of my predecessor when he addressed the National Press Club following the 1993 Federal Election where Fightback and the GST were the focus.

In his speech he spoke of the many advertising experts who contacted him to proffer the “one and only” solution to “better sell or explain the GST”. Well I’ve got news for my predecessor, they’re still around. And to the literally dozens, if not hundreds, of advertising and marketing experts who rang and wrote with their great idea thanks for your thoughts. To the jingle writers, thanks but it was just too hard to choose. To the budding copywriters who managed to come up with a multitude of phrases all built around the letters GST thanks for those ideas too! [Read more…]