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ALP Television Advertisements: 2004 Federal Election

The television advertisements shown on this page were produced by the Australian Labor Party for the 2004 Federal Election.

The ALP lost the election. Prime Minister John Howard led the coalition to a fourth term in office.

  • Sep 28, 2004: ABC freetime: Mark Latham (3m)
  • Sep 28, 2004: ABC freetime: Peter Garrett (2m)
  • Leave a Message in Richmond (31s)

Mark Latham’s 2004 ALP Campaign Launch Speech

The Leader of the Opposition, Mark Latham, has delivered the ALP’s 2004 election policy speech.

The ALP campaign was launched in Brisbane. Latham was introduced by the Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie.

  • Listen to Beattie (7m)
  • Listen to Janine Lacy, wife of Mark Latham (3m)
  • Soundtrack of film shown at the ALP Campaign Launch (3m)
  • Listen to Latham’s speech (41m)

Text of Mark Latham’s 2004 election policy speech.

LathamMy message today comes straight from the people of Australia.

It’s a message to the people, drawn from the strength and wisdom of the people.

From the Australians I’ve been privileged to meet, across the vast suburbs and regions of our nation, over the past 10 months. And the millions of their fellow-Australians they represent.

Today I want to speak on their behalf. [Read more…]

Mark Latham Health Policy Announcement

This is Opposition Leader Mark Latham’s press conference announcement on Health policy.

Latham announced a Labor government would immediately extend Medicare bulk billing rebates. [Read more…]

Howard Announces Medicare Rebate Extension

Prime Minister John Howard has announced an extension of the Medicare rebate.

Citing better than expected budgetary conditions, Howard said the government would legislate for an increase in the Medicare rebate to 100% of the scheduled fee.

The change will take effect from next January. [Read more…]

Abbott Announces Medicare Plus Deal With Senate Independents

The Health Minister, Tony Abbott, has secured passage of his MedicarePlus package through the Senate, following a deal with four senators.

The deal with Senators Brian Harradine, Len Harris (One Nation), Shayne Murphy (ex-ALP) and Meg Lees (ex-Democrats) gives the government the 4 additional votes it needs to pass the legislation 39-37.

Amongst other measures, the deal involves a reduction in the level of the annual threshold for concession card holders. It also provides for incentives for bulk-billing doctors in non-metropolian areas and Tasmania. Harradine and Murphy both represent Tasmania. [Read more…]

Crean Accuses Howard Of Destroying Medicare

In a speech to the Australian Council of Trade Unions Medicare Summit, the Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean, has said the Prime Minister, John Howard, is fulfilling a long-held goal to destory Medicare with the changes announced this week.

Crean said: “For all of its words, John Howard’s policy will destroy Medicare in this country – it can’t do anything else. He is introducing a two-tier system. A two-tier system that even won’t be adequate for the persons on a lower tier that he says that he wants to look after.” [Read more…]

Beattie Says Premiers Must Fight ‘Un-Australian’ Health System

The State and Territory Health Ministers have failed to reach agreement with the Federal Minister for Health, Senator Kay Patterson, over health funding.

The dispute follows this week’s announcement by the Howard government of changes to Medicare.

Text of media release by the Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie. [Read more…]