Time For A Change: Hobart Mercury Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from Hobart’s Mercury newspaper.

The Mercury is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from The Mercury.

Time For A Change

There is clearly a mood for change in Australia. The political climate warmed when Kevin Rudd swept to the leadership of the Australian Labor Party and it has remained so to the very eve of this federal election.

Yet there is no strong sense that the Coalition Government, led so skilfully by Prime Minister John Howard, has done anything so fundamentally wrong that it deserves to be tossed out on its ear. There is nothing that warrants a landslide to Labor. [Read more…]

Newspapers Report Pauline Hanson’s Jailing

The jailing of former One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, has received wide coverage in this morning’s newspapers.

The national daily, The Australian, ran the story in a side column on page one but most other papers led with the story.

Hanson and David Ettridge were sentenced to three years jail in a Brisbane District Court yesterday after a jury found them guilty of electoral fraud.

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