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John Howard’s Press Conference Announcing Major-General Michael Jeffery As Next Governor-General

The Prime Minister, John Howard, called a press conference today to announce that he has appointed Major-General Michael Jeffery as Australia’s new Governor-General.

Jeffery is a former Governor-General of Western Australia.

Jeffery [Read more…]

Howard Announces Appointment of Major-General Michael Jeffery As New Governor-General

The former Governor of Western Australia, Major-General Michael Jeffery, is to be Australia’s next Governor-General.

The announcement was made today by the Prime Minister, John Howard.

Jeffery will be Australia’s 24th Governor-General. He will take up the position on August 11.

Text of the media statement released by the Prime Minister, John Howard, announcing the appointment of Australia’s 24th Governor-General.


JefferyI am pleased to announce that Her Majesty The Queen has accepted my recommendation to appoint Major-General Michael Jeffery, AC,CVO,MC as Australia’s next Governor-General.

While the appointment, when formally made, will be at royal pleasure, it is expected that General Jeffery will serve between three and four years.

General Jeffery has a long and distinguished record of public service. He was Governor of Western Australia from 1993 to 2000, during which period he twice served as Administrator of the Commonwealth. General Jeffery is currently Chairman of the not-for-profit public policy think-tank, Future Directions International. [Read more…]