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Heads Up: Michael Moore On The Iraq War

This is the text of an email from the film-maker, Michael Moore.

Statement from Michael Moore.

Michael MooreFriends,

I have never seen a head so far up a Presidential ass (pardon my Falluja) than the one I saw last night at the “news conference” given by George W. Bush. He’s still talking about finding “weapons of mass destruction” — this time on Saddam’s “turkey farm.” Turkey indeed. Clearly the White House believes there are enough idiots in the 17 swing states who will buy this. I think they are in for a rude awakening.

Michael Moore: You Say Deserter, I Say More Dessert…

This is an article by film producer Michael Moore.

Article by Michael Moore.

You Say Deserter, I Say More Dessert…

by Michael Moore


I would like to apologize for referring to George W. Bush as a “deserter.” What I meant to say is that George W. Bush is a deserter, an election thief, a drunk driver, a WMD liar and a functional illiterate. And he poops his pants. In fact, he “shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.”

‘Don’t Give Up’: Michael Moore Tells Dean Supporters

Following the Iowa Caucus, this is the text of a statement from film producer Michael Moore to supporters of Howard Dean.

Statement by Michael Moore.

MooreThis morning I picked up the newspaper and read this quote from a young woman who had worked as a volunteer for Howard Dean in Iowa:

“All the phone-calling we did, we’d have people who’d say, ‘I’m a Dean supporter, I’m a Dean supporter,’” said Kelly Chambers, Dr. Dean’s captain in Precinct No. 83. “But when it came to caucus night, we only had 11 people show up for Dean. It just seems like all my hard work’s been for nothing.”
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