Achievements: ALP 1987 Federal Election Video For Party Members

This is an ALP video distributed to party members during the 1987 Federal election campaign.

Introduced by Immigration Minister Mick Young, the man who ran the ALP’s It’s Time campaign in 1972, the video gives some insight into the thinking inside the Labor government as it faced the electorate in an early double dissolution election.

Featuring Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Education Minister Senator Susan Ryan, Social Security Minister Brian Howe and Foreign Minister Bill Hayden, it is clear that the government is concerned that ALP members and supporters are less than enthusiastic about the government’s achievements. Whilst the Hawke government is now lauded for its program of economic reform, many of these policies were greeted sceptically in the 1980s. [Read more…]

Mick Young Taunts The Opposition Over The Election Date

Mick Young was Special Minister of State in the Hawke government in 1986.

Young was renowned for his witticisms. This is a very brief clip of a news report of his remarks in the House of Representatives on November 14, 1986, in response to a Dorothy Dix question from Ben Humphreys, regarding the timing of the next election.

Whilst an election could have been delayed until the end of 1987, or even early 1988, Hawke ended up calling a double dissolution for July 11, 1987. He capitalised on Coalition disunity, particularly the Joh for Canberra campaign of the Queensland Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen. [Read more…]

ALP 1980 Federal Election Advertisement: Mick Young On Jobs And Unemployment

This is an ALP election advertisement telecast on the ABC during the 1980 federal election.

The broadcast was one of the free spots made available by law to the major political parties. It went to air on September 23, 1980.

The advertisement features Mick Young, the ALP’s member for Port Adelaide. Young was a former National Secretary of the party who was a key figure in Gough Whitlam’s campaigns. He went on to become Special Minister of State and then Minister for Immigration in the Hawke government. He retired from politics in 1988 and died in 1996.

  • Watch the ALP advertisement (7m)