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Local Issues As An Influence On Voting Behaviour

Local issues may be strong enough to swing votes in elections. This is particularly true of State elections, but can also apply to Federal elections.

However, electoral behaviour tends to more uniform than many people think, so it is wise not to over-estimate this factor. In most elections, the state- or nation-wide swing is generally fairly consistent, but variations do occur, especially between states.

Local issues may swing some votes but whether this is decisive is open to question. [Read more…]

Russell Savage: Statement in Support of a Minority Labor Government

This is the text of a statement from Russell Savage, independent member for Mildura in the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

Savage was elected as the independent member for Mildura in 1996. He defeated the sitting Liberal member, Craig Bildstein, in what is a traditionally National Party electorate.

Savage and the other independent members, Susan Davies and Craig Ingram, jointly announced their decision to support an ALP minority government led by Steve Bracks.

Statement from Russell Savage, independent member for Mildura.

SavageIt is with some regret that I record my position on whom I am prepared to support to govern Victoria for the next four years.

I find myself in an invidious position, damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I have reflected long and hard on the neglect and contempt shown to this electorate by the Coalition, and specifically the former Premier Jeff Kennett.

His three-and-a-half years of persistent criticisms of the Mildura electorate for electing an independent have been both unconstitutional and unwarranted. [Read more…]

The Day After The 1974 Election: Media Reports

Counting on election night in 1974 was inconclusive. Whilst there was a general sense that the Whitlam government had been returned, it was not definitive.

This is a selection of radio news bulletins from Sunday, May 19, 1974. They were broadcast on 3MA Mildura and 3WV, the ABC’s third radio network in western Victoria. [Read more…]