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Advance Australia: Bill Shorten’s Speech Opening The ALP’s 47th National Conference

The Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, has opened the ALP’s 47th National Conference in Melbourne with a speech based around the theme of Advance Australia.

Shorten committed a future Labor government to reintroducing an Emissions Trading Scheme. He said: “A Shorten Labor Government will build an Emissions Trading Scheme for Australia. And we will not be intimidated by the ignorant, ridiculous scare campaigns that will come. We will win this fight.

“Let me say this to our opponents, in words of one syllable: An E.T.S. is not a tax.

“And if Mr Abbott wants to make the next election a contest about who has the best policy solution for climate change … I’ve got a three-word-slogan for him: Bring. It. On.

Text of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s speech opening the ALP’s 47th National Conference in Melbourne.

Friends, delegates, true believers, fellow Australians:

This conference comes at a pivotal time in our national life, and a restless moment in our national mood.

The tests facing Australia are great.

The consequences of failure are grave.

And never has the contrast between us and our opponents been more clear.

Be it jobs, health, education or energy …

Never has the choice between a Labor party planning for the future, and a Liberal party stuck in the past been more stark.

‘Eight Years Of Howard Is Enough’: Carmen Lawrence Opens ALP Conference

This is the text of the opening address to the 43rd ALP National Conference by the National President, Dr. Carmen Lawrence.

Text of speech by Dr. Carmen Lawrence.

LawrenceWelcome, delegates, to our forty-third National Conference.

I’m honoured to address you today as the first National President directly elected by the party’s members and the first woman National President of a major political party.

I’d also like to congratulate Barry Jones, one of Labor’s great advocates, and Warren Mundine, our first indigenous National President, on their election.

Greg Sword Elected ALP President

Victorian union leader Greg Sword was elected unopposed as the new Federal ALP President at the party’s National Conference in Hobart this morning.

The conference also elected its National Executive for the next two years, sharing power between the left and right factions.

In factional jockeying in Victoria, shadow Health Minister Jenny Macklin was dropped from the executive, but will take up an honorary position as Vice-President of the ALP, a move seen by some as a prelude to electing her as the first female president in two year’s time.

ALP National Conference Begins In Hobart

The Australian Labor Party’s National Conference begins today in Hobart.

BeazleyThe conference is the supreme governing body of the party and consists of nearly 200 delegates from all States and Territories. It includes all the parliamentary leaders of the party around the country.

Full details of the Conference are available from the ALP’s web site.

The conference will write the party’s platform for the election due next year.

The conference comes amid criticism of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s leadership in the wake of the debacle that followed John Della Bosca’s public comments questioning the party’s “rollback” strategy on the GST.

The conference will also elect a new party president to replace Barry Jones. Della Bosca was originally the anointed candidate, but he withdrew following his comments on the GST. It seems likely that right-wing Victorian union leader Greg Sword will win the position.
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