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Nicolle Flint (Lib-Boothby) – Maiden Speech

The first maiden speech of the 45th Parliament was delivered today by Nicolle Flint, the Liberal member for Boothby.


Flint succeeded Andrew Southcott in the safe Adelaide electorate. Southcott held the seat through seven terms from 1996.

Prior to entering parliament, Flint worked as an advisor to Malcolm Turnbull and Brendan Nelson. She also wrote newspaper columns. She has called for more leadership by women in the Liberal Party.

Flint won 41.24% of the primary vote in Boothby and 53.50% of the two-party-preferred vote.

New Members Of The House Of Representatives

When the new House of Representatives meets for the first time on August 30, it will have 39 new members, 26% of the chamber’s 150 members.

The ALP will have 23 new members, the Coalition 15 and the Nick Xenophon Team 1. There are 25 males and 14 females.

The ALP will have 23 new faces, exactly one-third of its 69 MPs. This includes 16 members in seats the ALP won from the Coalition and includes two returning members, Mike Kelly in Eden-Monaro and Steve Georganas in Hindmarsh. The other 7 new members have replaced retiring sitting members.

The Liberal Party will have 11 new members (19.7%), including Julia Banks, the member for Chisholm, who represents the only seat the Coalition took from the ALP in the election. Ted O’Brien regained the seat of Fairfax from the Palmer United Party. Nine other Liberals replace retiring members.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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