The New Senate: The Defeated, The Retired, The New And The Returning

There will be 14 new faces in the new Senate when it meets for the first time on August 30.

This represents 18.42% of the Senate’s 76 members. Each state has 12 senators, whilst the territories have 2 each, who serve terms concurrent with the House of Representatives. The double dissolution meant that all 76 positions were up for election on July 2.

The fourteen new senators include two (Louise Pratt and Don Farrell) who were Labor senators defeated in 2013.

Ten of the fourteen departed senators were defeated in the election, whilst four retired. [Read more…]

Palmer United Party Wins Senate Seat In Tasmania

Jacqui Lambie of the Palmer United Party (PUP) has won a Senate seat in Tasmania, following the full distribution of preferences by the Australian Electoral Commission.

LambieIt is the first confirmed Senate seat for Clive Palmer’s party. Glenn Lazarus seems certain to be elected to the Senate from Queensland and Zhenya Wang is still in the running in Western Australia. Clive Palmer is 39 votes ahead in the Queensland House of Representatives electorate of Fairfax. A recount in Fairfax is underway this week.

The election of two, and possibly three, PUP senators ensures that Clive Palmer is one of the big winners in the 2013 election. When the new senators take their seats next July, a crossbench of seven or eight minor party members and independents will hold the balance of power.

Lambie, a former Army corporal, won the final Tasmanian position by 15,000 votes, ahead of the Liberal Party’s Sally Chandler and the Sex Party’s Robbie Swan. PUP polled 22,184 primary votes, or 6.58%. As in other states, a complex web of preference deals ensured Lambie’s election. [Read more…]

NITV Interview With Nova Peris

This interview with Nova Peris was broadcast on National Indigenous Television News.

Peris discusses her interest in politics and reaction to yesterday’s announcement by Prime Minister Gillard that the ALP National Executive is to fast-track Peris’s preselection for the Northern Territory Senate election.


Gillard Chooses Nova Peris For ALP NT Senate Seat; Crossin Dumped

In what she described as a “captain’s pick”, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has backed former Olympian Nova Peris for ALP Senate preselection in the Northern Territory.

PerisTrish Crossin has been dumped as Labor’s Northen Territory senator. A strong supporter of former leader Kevin Rudd, Crossin has been in the Senate for fifteen years.

At a joint press conference with Peris, Gillard said she had invited Peris to join the ALP and contest the NT Senate poll. “There has never been an indigenous Australian who has served as a federal Labor representative,” Gillard said. “I am determined that at the 2013 election we change that. I have asked the Federal National Executive of the Labor Party to work with me on achieving this.” [Read more…]