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Queensland Supreme Court Overturns Hanson, Ettridge Convictions

The Queensland Court of Appeal has overturned the convictions of Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge.

The One Nation founders were convicted in the District Court of Queensland on August 20, 2003 and sentenced to three years in jail.

The Court of Appeal heard the appeal yesterday and delivered judgment today.

Extraordinary Interview: John Howard Quizzed On Abbott And One Nation

Prime Minister John Howard has had a willing encounter with an ABC interviewer who quizzed him over Tony Abbott’s involvement in the legal action against One Nation.

Howard appeared on the AM program. He was interviewed by Catherine McGrath.

Transcript of John Howard’s interview with Catherine McGrath on AM.


Mr Howard, good morning. Tony Abbott said last night that in 1998 he thought it was very important that the One Nation juggernaut, he called it, be stopped. Did you think that back then? [Read more…]

Truth Overboard Again, Says ALP

This is the transcript of a doorstop interview given by Craig Emerson, the ALP’s Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations.

Emerson commented on the role played by Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott in the legal action taken against Pauline Hanson and One Nation.

Transcript of doorstop interview by Craig Emerson.

EmersonEMERSON: Yet again the Howard Government has thrown the truth overboard. Tony Abbott had denied the existence of any fund to pay for the costs of witnesses who testified against Pauline Hanson. It’s emerged today that such a fund did exist. Not only did it exist, Tony Abbott organised it personally. Tony Abbott needs to answer these questions: where did the money come from, who received the money and who made decisions on who received the money? A $100,000 secret slush fund is a huge amount of money in anybody’s terms. But perhaps not in the Liberal Party’s terms. So Tony Abbott needs to answer those questions and surely John Howard is not going to deny any knowledge of Tony Abbott’s $100,000 slush fund. [Read more…]

Pauline Hanson Jailed For Three Years For Electoral Fraud

Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge have both been found guilty of electoral fraud charges and jailed for three years.

Hanson, 49, and Ettridge, 58, pleaded not guilty to fraudulently registering One Nation in Queensland on December 4, 1997. Hanson also pleaded not guilty to dishonestly obtaining nearly $500,000 in electoral funding after the 1998 Queensland state election.

After deliberating for nine hours, a Brisbane District Court jury found the pair guilty on all counts.

Judge Patsy Wolfe made no recommendation for parole. [Read more…]

Queensland Supreme Court Finds One Nation Was Fraudulently Registered

The Supreme Court of Queensland has delivered a finding that One Nation was fraduluently registered.

The judgment is in Sharples v O’Shea & Anor.

Hanson Makes Front Page Of Washington Post

Pauline Hanson has appeared on the front page of the Washington Post in a report on Australia’s immigration policies.

The newspaper says: “Hanson’s ‘us first’ message, with its emotional racial overtones, caught much of Australia by surprise two years ago, and again last month. Few had imagined the depth and rawness of the feelings Hanson brings to the surface.”

“Australia is a changed place because of Hanson,” the newspaper says. “Even those who despire what she says acknowledge that she has pushed the country to talk openly about a taboo subject.” [Read more…]

Queensland 1998 State Election Results

The Queensland state election was held on June 13, 1998.

At the previous election in 1995, Wayne Goss’s Labor government was re-elected to a third term with a one-seat majority. In February 1996, a by-election was held in the electorate of Mundingburra, as a result of a decision of the Court of Disputed Returns. The Liberal Party won the seat and Rob Borbidge became leader of a National-Liberal coalition government with the support of the independent member for Gladstone, Liz Cunningham.

The 1998 election saw the defeat of the Borbidge government and the narrow election of a Labor government led by Peter Beattie.

The election was the high point for the new Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party. It won 22.67% of the primary vote and 11 seats. One Nation won six seats from the ALP and five from the Nationals. The Nationals lost another seat to an independent.

However, the ALP won six seats from the Liberal Party in Brisbane. Voter reaction to the Liberal decision to preference One Nation was seen as the reason for the Liberal losses.

Peter Beattie was able to form a minority government with the support of an independent, Peter Wellington. Following a by-election a few months later, caused by the resignation of the One Nation member for Mulgrave, the ALP had a one-seat majority.

1998 Queensland State Election – Primary Votes
Party Abbr Formal Votes Percentage
A.L.P ALP 751,794 38.87%
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation ONP 438,580 22.67%
Liberal Party LIB 311,247 16.09%
Queensland Nationals NPA 293,357 15.17%
The Greens GRN 45,663 2.36%
The Democrats DEM 31,118 1.61%
Australia First (Qld) AFP 9,568 0.49%
ARP ARP 7,653 0.40%
C.D.P (Qld.) CDP 2,098 0.11%
Shooters Party TSP 1,051 0.05%
AWP AWP 299 0.02%
Other Candidates 41,942 2.17%


1998 Queensland State Election
Total Formal Votes 1,934,370
Total Informal Votes 28,416
Percentage Informal 1.45%
Total Votes Counted 1,962,786
Percentage of Total Electors 92.76%
Total Electors Enrolled 2,115,977


Queensland Parliament
(Note: The Queensland Legislative Council was abolished in 1922)
Party Legislative Assembly
1995 Election
Legislative Assembly
1998 Election
One Nation
ALP Government, sworn in 26 June 1998
Premier: Peter Beattie

Pauline Hanson’s Maiden Speech In The House Of Representatives

Pauline Hanson was elected to the House of Representatives electorate of Oxley at the March 1996 election.

Hanson was disendorsed by the Liberal Party during the election campaign because of comments she made about Australian Aborigines. Because of the timing of the dis-endorsement, she appeared on the ballot paper as a Liberal candidate.

Oxley was a traditionally safe Labor electorate in Queensland, centred on Ipswich. Labor’s Les Scott held Oxley with a two-party-preferred margin of 14.65%. Hanson secured a swing of 19.31% and won the seat with a majority of 4.66%.

Hanson’s maiden speech to the House on September 10 caused a storm of controversy because of its criticisms of Aboriginals, multiculturalism and immigration. [Read more…]