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Daily Defence Briefing On Iraq

This is the daily Defence Department briefing on the war in Iraq.

The briefing on Operation Falconer was given by Brigadier Mike Hannan. He announced that the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, had left fo rhte Middle East to meet with Australian troops. [Read more…]

Daily Defence Briefing: ‘It Looks Like A Short War,’ Says Hill

This the daily briefing on Operation Falconer, provided by the Defence Department.

The briefing was given by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill and the Chief of Defence, General Peter Cosgrove.

Hill said the Iraq war looked as though it would be a short war. [Read more…]

Daily Defence Briefing On The War In Iraq

This is the daily Defence briefing on the progress of operations in Iraq and the Middle East.

The briefing on Operation Falconer is given by Brigadier Mike Hannan. [Read more…]

Operation Falconer: Defence Department Daily Briefing

This is the transcript of the Daily Media Briefing conducted by the Australian Defence Force in Canberra.

The briefing on Australian operations in the Middle East was conducted by Brigadier Mike Hannan and Air Marshal Angus Houston.

  • Listen to the briefing (31m)

Transcript of Defence Force briefing.


Good morning everyone, and good morning to those of you watching this brief at home – welcome again to our regular update on our operations in the Middle East.

Before we start in detail, I would like to clarify two key points from yesterdays brief. Firstly, the HMAS ANZAC did not fire missiles whilst providing gunfire support, as detailed in some media reports. The ANZAC used its main armament, which is a 5″ Gun. [Read more…]