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Australian Government Statement On Death Of Yasser Arafat

Following the death of the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, the Australian government has officially extended its condolences to the Palestinian people.

Statements made yesterday by the Prime Minister, John Howard, have been receiving extensive media coverage on the conservative FOX News network and right-wing websites. [Read more…]

Downer Offers Condolences For Arafat, Calls For Renewed Peace Efforts

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer, has expressed the condolences of the Australian government to Yasser Arafat’s widow and to the Palestinian people.

Downer described Arafat as a “very significant leader”, but would not be drawn on his legacy. Downer said he hoped that “the Americans in particular will take the opportunity of recent events, as well as the re-election of President Bush, to promote … a new peace initiative in the Middle East.” [Read more…]

President George W. Bush Calls For New Palestinian Leadership

This is the text of remarks by President George W. Bush in which he called for a “new and different Palestinian leadership, so that a Palestinian state can be born”.

Bush and RumsfeldFor too long, the citizens of the Middle East have lived in the midst of death and fear. The hatred of a few holds the hopes of many hostage. The forces of extremism and terror are attempting to kill progress and peace by killing the innocent. And this casts a dark shadow over an entire region. For the sake of all humanity, things must change in the Middle East. [Read more…]