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1994: A Year of Turmoil for the Liberal Party

Five-a-Day 1994 was a year of turmoil for the Liberal Party. The year began with Dr. John Hewson as leader of the party, despite his defeat at the 1993 federal election, a defeat that delivered Paul Keating a full term and the Labor government a fifth term. In May, the dam burst and Hewson was replaced by Alexander Downer, with Peter Costello as his deputy. The duo was dubbed “the dream team”. By the end of the year, Downer’s brief leadership was in a terminal condition and he was replaced by John Howard early in 1995. Five-a-Day – 1994 February 24, 1994: Hewson moves a censure motion in the House of Representatves (15m) February 24, 1994: Keating responds to the censure motion (7m) May 23, 1994: Newly-elected deputy Liberal leader, Peter Costello comments on the new leadership team (20s) May 23, 1994: John Hewson’s press conference following his defeat in…
Malcolm Farnsworth
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