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Positioning Labor For The Future: Bill Shorten’s Leadership Pitch

Bill Shorten has delivered one of his most detailed speeches outlining his approach to the Labor leadership.

Speaking to a forum in Melbourne arranged by the Labor think-tank Per Capita, Shorten spoke at length about party reform, new approaches to policy and the importance of rebuilding trust with the community.


Text of Bill Shorten’s speech to the Per Capita forum in Melbourne.

Josh, thanks for that kind introduction.

I’ve spoken a good deal in recent months of the battle of ideas, concerning the future of our nation.

Of the fair go for the disabled, and the protection of those persecuted, particularly in the workplace and particularly women. Of the right of the older Australians to a roof, to companionship, and the feeling of being valued and useful in your neighbourhoods and communities, and not being discarded because of your age.

Now I believe Per Capita strongly and decently fights alongside Labor in the battle for ideas about the future of our nation.

They like me, like Labor, know that the great and powerful ideas, which define our nation, define our future, are most often very simple. [Read more…]

Gillard Confirms $12 Billion Budget Shortfall

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says there will be a $12 billion budget hole this financial year.


In a speech to the Per Capita think tank today, Gillard said: “The ‘bottom line for the Budget bottom line’ is this: the amount of tax revenue the Government has collected so far this financial year is already $7.5 billion less than was forecast last October. [Read more…]