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The U.S.-Australian Alliance in an East Asian Context: Speech By Peter Reith

This is the text of an address by Peter Reith, Minister for Defence, to the ANZUS Conference at the University of Sydney.

Speech by Defence Minister Peter Reith to ANZUS conference.

ReithIt is a great pleasure to ‘bounce the ball’ for the second half of this conference – although something of an invidious task: to reconvene our discussions first-up after last night’s dinner.

Our theme, I needn’t remind you, is the alliance between our two nations in its regional context. However, it is not a question of putting our alliance into this regional context; it is a matter of appreciating the extent to which our alliance is part of that context. [Read more…]

50 Years Of ANZUS – John Howard Speech

This is the text of a speech given by the Prime Minister, John Howard, at a reception on the occasion of 50 years of the Australia-United States Alliance, held at the Sydney Opera House.

Text of speech by John Howard on the 50th anniversary of ANZUS.

John HowardWell ladies and gentlemen I’d like to welcome you to this, I think very important gathering to mark a very important treaty between two very great countries and two very great societies. And I’d particularly like to welcome Senator Michael Enzie from Wyoming, and Senate Sargent at Arms James Ziglar and their wives, Vice-Admiral Jim Metzger the Commander of the Seventh Fleet and his wife, and also to the captain and the crew members of USS Blue Ridge. [Read more…]

ANZUS Treaty – Full Text

This is the full text of the Security Treaty Between Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

The Treaty was signed in San Francisco on September 1, 1951. It came into force on April 29, 1952.

Percy Spender, Minister for External Affairs in the Menzies government, signed on behalf of the Australian government. [Read more…]