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Clinton Impeachment Trial: Steve Chabot Statement On The Law Of Perjury

This is Steve Chabot’s statement on the law of perjury in the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

Chabot, a Republican congressman from Ohio, was one of the Impeachment Trial Managers, charged with the presentation of the House case against Clinton.

Steve Chabot’s Statement on the Law of Perjury.

WILLIAM REHNQUIST, CHIEF JUSTICE, SUPREME COURT: The chair recognizes Mr. Manager Chabot.

REP. STEVE CHABOT (R-OHIO), IMPEACHMENT TRIAL MANAGER: Mr. Chief Justice, senators, distinguished counsel for the president, I’m Steve Chabot and I represent the 1st District of Ohio.

Prior to my election to Congress, I practiced law in Cincinnati for about 15 years. As I stand before you today, I must admit that I feel a long way away from that small neighborhood law practice that I had. But while this arena may be somewhat foreign to me, the law remains the same. [Read more…]

Roll Call Of House Judiciary Committee Votes On Clinton Impeachment Articles

The House Judiciary Committee voted in favour of four Articles of Impeachment.

The first Article of Impeachment dealt with perjury to a Grand Jury; the second with perjury in the Paula Jones case; the third with obstruction of justice; and the fourth with abuse of power.

The 21 Republicans on the Committee all supported Articles 1, 3 and 4. Lindsay Graham voted against Article 2. [Read more…]