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Julie Owens Rebukes Media Over Coverage Of Opinion Polls And Leadership

Frustration over opinion polls and leadership speculation was on display today at the Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research.

The Minister for Health, Tanya Plibersek, was obviously irritated by media questions about the Nielsen poll released today. Almost speechless, Plibersek allowed the Labor member for Parramatta, Julie Owens, to take over and deliver a rebuke to the gathered media about medical research and children’s health.

Owens holds Parramatta with a margin of 4.37%. She suffered a 5.49% swing against her at the 2010 election. She has held the seat since 2004.

Gillard: I Don’t Comment On Polls

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has doggedly refused to comment on poor opinion poll figures published today.

The Nielsen poll in Fairfax newspapers The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald shows the ALP primary vote on 30% and the Coalition leading the ALP by 56% to 44% on the two-party-preferred vote.

The Coalition’s primary vote in the Nielsen poll is 47%. Tony Abbott’s approval rating is 42%, compared to Julia Gillard’s 40%. [Read more…]

Early Opinion Polls For 1996 Federal Election

These tables show the results of early opinion polls in the 1996 federal election.

The second table shows results for the “most preferred prime minister” question.

Federal Election Opinion Polls
Poll Date taken Sample Size ALP L/NP Dem Green Others ALP 2-Party L/NP 2-Party
Actual 1993 Result March 13, 1993 approx 10 million 44.8 44.3 3.8 1.6 5.5 51.44 48.56
Morgan Dec 30/Jan6-7 1996 2121 face to face 39.5 43.5 6.0 5.5 5.5 48 52
Newspoll published Jan 29 1996 not stated 40 50 2 2 6
AGB McNair Age Poll Jan 26 1996 1276 40 45 4 5 6 47 53
Quadrant Jan 26-27 1996 1527 telephone 41 48 5 6 47 53
Morgan Jan 1996 46 54


Most Preferred Prime Minister
Poll Date taken Sample Size Keating Howard Don’t Know
Morgan Dec 30/Jan6-7 1996 2121 face to face 47 41 12
AGB McNair Age Poll Jan 26-27 1996 1276 43 46
Quadrant Jan 26-27 1996 1527 telephone 47 48 5