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Text Of Pope John Paul II’s Will And Testament

This is the text of the Will and Testament of Pope John Paul II, released by the Vatican. John Paul II ___ Totus Tuus ego sum 5.III.1982 In the course of the spiritual exercises this year I have read (several times) the text of the testament of 6.III.1979. Notwithstanding that even now it is to be considered as provisional (not definitive), I leave it in its presently existing form. I change (for now) nothing, nor do I add anything, as regards the arrangements contained within it. The attempt on my life of 13.V.1981 has in some way confirmed the exactness of the words written in the period of the spiritual exercises of 1980 (24.II – 1.III). All the more profoundly I feel myself totally in the Hands of God _ and I remain continually at the disposition of my Lord, entrusting myself to Him and to His Immaculate Mother (Totus…
Malcolm Farnsworth
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