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Republic Failing, But Result Is Closer Than Expected

Nov 6 – 8.15pm

It is now clear that both referendum proposals have been defeated.

The Republic has about 47% of the vote, whilst the Preamble has 41%. Victoria is the only State where the YES vote stands a chance of reaching 50% – currently the figure is 49.71%.

8.00pm – With 45% of the vote counted, but still no results from Western Australia, where voting continues, the YES vote on the republic is 47%, NO 53%.

The Preamble is sitting on NO 58.9%, YES 41.1%.

7.23pm – The YES vote nationally now stands at 45.2% compared with 54.8% for NO with 14.1% counted. The NO vote is 79% in Queensland. Tasmania is also voting solidly NO, around the mid-30s.

7.15pm – The YES vote has risen to 44% nationally.

Early figures indicate that a 54% of voters in John Howard’s seat of Bennelong favour a republic.

7.05pm – The YES vote nationally has risen to 42% and there is media speculation that the republic may garner a majority overall, but fail to win in 4 states as required by the Constitution.

Tasmania is voting solidly NO. The YES vote in Tasmania remains in the mid-30s.

The Preamble is falling about 5% behind the republic vote.

Republic Heading For Defeat As Referendum Counting Gets Underway

Nov 6 – 6.50pm: Early figures from counting in the referendum puts the NO vote at around 60-61% in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

To succeed a referendum requires a majority of votes in the nation overall and a majority of votes in a majority of States, that is, a majority in 4 States.

The ABC says the YES vote is 40.2% with 1.6% counted.

The Australian Capital Territory is heading for a YES vote, whilst NSW and Victoria are edging up from the 40% mark.

Overall, there appears little chance of either referendum succeeding.

Preamble Referendum: Howard-Ridgeway Urge A YES Vote

Prime Minister John Howard and Democrats Senator Aden Ridgeway have held a joint press conference urging Australians to vote yes to the preamble in Saturday’s referendum.

Transcript of joint press conference held by Prime Minister John Howard and Senator Aden Ridgeway.


Ladies and gentlemen, Senator Ridgeway and I have decided to call this joint press conference to make a joint appeal to the Australian people to vote yes to the preamble on Saturday. And the fact that the two of us have come together at this news conference symbolises the value of the preamble as a uniting element in constitutional debate in Australia.

Because Senator Ridgeway is a self-declared yes voter on the republic and I am a self-declared no voter on the republic. But on the issue of the preamble both of us together are asking the Australian people to vote yes because we see the preamble as a way as we go into the next century of expressing what unites us rather than continuing a debate about what doesn’t unite us. [Read more…]

John Howard’s Speech to the NSW State Convention of the Liberal Party

This is the text of Prime Minister John Howard’s speech to the NSW Convention of the Liberal Party.

Text of John Howard’s speech to the NSW Convention of the Liberal Party.

John HowardThank you very much Michael for those very warm words of introduction. To Shane Stone the Federal President, Kerry Chikarovski, the Leader of the New South Wales Opposition, to my many ministerial and parliamentary colleagues and most importantly of all my fellow members of the New South Wales Division of the Liberal Party.

Not surprisingly I would like to share with you this morning some thoughts on the past year and also some ideas about the year ahead at a national political level. But I would like to start my remarks this morning by addressing an issue that is very important to the future strength and survival of the New South Wales Division.

I want to congratulate the Executive of the party here in New South Wales for the decision it took last night to establish a committee of management to run the affairs of this party in the months ahead. [Read more…]

Proposed Wording For Preamble Referendum

This is the proposed wording for the Preamble to the Constitution that will be voted on in a referendum later this year.

Proposed wording of Constitutional Preamble.

With hope in God, the Commonwealth of Australia is constituted as a democracy with a federal system of Government to serve the common good.

We the Australian people commit ourselves to this Constitution [Read more…]

John Howard’s Exposure Draft of Proposed New Preamble

This is the text of an exposure draft for the Preamble referendum, released by Prime Minister John Howard.

Preamble referendum, exposure draft from Prime Minister John Howard.

With hope in God, the Commonwealth of Australia is constituted by the equal sovereignty of all its citizens.

The Australian nation is woven together of people from many ancestries and arrivals. Our vast island continent has helped to shape the destiny of our Commonwealth and the spirit of its people. [Read more…]