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Demography Is Destiny: Peter Costello On Productivity Commission Report On Ageing Population

The Treasurer, Peter Costello, has held a press conference to comment on the Productivity Commission’s report on ageing.

The report – Implications of an Ageing Australia – was published on March 24.

The report appears below. [Read more…]

Corporate Welfare Cost $10 Billion In 2002-03

The Productivity Commission has released a report examining the extent of government assistance to Australian industry.

The full report is shown below.

The major findings of the Productivity Commission report.

The gross value of assistance to industry provided by the Australian Government was equivalent to over $10 billion in 2002-03. [Read more…]

Howard Announces National Approach To Problem Gambling

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has announced the formation of a Ministerial Council on Gambling.

The government is to adopt a recommendation of the Productivity Commission aimed at achieving a national approach to problem gambling.

Text of statement by Prime Minister John Howard on problem gambling.

Excessive gambling blights the lives of thousands of Australians and their families every year.

Problem gambling has become a major social concern.

The challenge for all governments in Australia is to find a response which balances the undoubted right of individual Australians to gamble if they wish with the ongoing responsibility of governments for overall community welfare.

The regulation of gambling has traditionally been a State responsibility. It is not our desire to change this. The Commonwealth, however, does have a leadership role in coordinating a national response to problem gambling.

Importantly also, the Commonwealth has a direct responsibility in relation to the use of the internet for gambling. I am particularly concerned about the effect of a rapid expansion of internet gambling and the Government will be investigating the feasibility and consequences of banning internet gambling. [Read more…]