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Lawrence Springborg Concedes Defeat In Queensland Election

Lawrence Springborg, the Leader of the Opposition in Queensland, has conceded defeat in the state election.

Springborg’s National Party regained three seats but the Labor government led by Peter Beattie was comfortably returned for a third term with its majority largely untouched.

The ALP polled 47.01% of the primary vote, a loss of 1.92%. It won 63 seats in the 89-seat Legislative Assembly.

The National Party polled 16.96%, an increase of 2.80%, and won 15 seats, an increase of 3.

Howard Appears At Queensland Coalition Campaign Launch

This is the transcript of the speech by the Prime Minister, John Howard, delivered at the Queensland Coalition Campaign Launch, at the Sheraton Hotel, Brisbane.

Transcript of speech by Prime Minister John Howard.

John Howard, Prime MinisterJohn and Julia Anderson, Lawrence and Linda Springborg, Bob and Madonna Quinn, my fellow Australians. It is with a real sense of commitment and a real sense of expectation that John and I have come to be part of this very important campaign launch for the Coalition here in Queensland.

State elections, indeed federal elections, are about a number of things. But most importantly of all, elections are about both sides of politics being held accountable for what they have done and what they have not done over the preceding three years. We had a less than happy result three years ago in Queensland and in the time that has gone by since then, the two Coalition parties have laid the essential groundwork of creating themselves as a viable, acceptable, attractive alternative to the current Government. They have set about building an effective, workable Coalition.

Beattie Calls February 7 Election For Queensland

The Labor Premier of Queensland, Peter Beattie, has announced a February 7 election for the Legislative Assembly.

The three-week campaign is likely to see Beattie’s government returned for a third term, although it is likely to lose some seats.

At the 2001 election, the ALP won a record 66 seats in the 89 seat unicameral parliament. The National Party has 12 seats and the Liberal Party has 3. There are 3 One Nation members and 5 independents.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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