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Howard Government Cancels Question Time On Budget Day

The Howard Government has cancelled the scheduled Question Time on Tuesday May 14th, citing the death of the Queen Mother as the reason.

The government claims it is the tradition to suspend Question Time in the event of a condolence motion for a member of the royal family.

The move has been met with criticism from the Opposition and the Australian Democrats, who each accuse the government of avoiding its obligation to be accountable to the Parliament. [Read more…]

Strength, Dignity and Laughter: Archbishop Carey’s Sermon For The Queen Mother

This is the full text of the sermon delivered by Dr. George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, in Westminster Abbey, on the occasion of the funeral service for Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

Of the large numbers who turned out for the funeral, Carey said: “How should we explain the numbers? Not just by the great length of a life, famously lived to the full. It has to do with her giving of herself so readily and openly. There was about her, in George Eliot’s lovely phrase, ‘the sweet presence of a good diffused’.” [Read more…]

The Queen Comments On The Death Of Her Mother

The Queen has made a televised Address to the Nation on the eve of the funeral of her mother.

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, died on March 30, aged 101.

The funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey tomorrow. [Read more…]

Howard’s Flimsy Reasons For Attending Queen Mother’s Funeral

In order to avoid further criticism of the Governor-General, John Howard has manufactured an argument to justify his trip to London for the Queen Mother’s funeral next Tuesday.

In an interview with Stan Zemanek on Melbourne’s 3AW, Howard claimed that it was appropriate for him to attend the funeral “given the role of the Queen Mother and particularly the identification with her of many Australians of World War II generation.” [Read more…]

Death Of The Queen Mother: Statement By Prime Minister John Howard

This is the text of a statement issued by the Prime Minister, John Howard.

Statement by Prime Minister John Howard:


I know all Australians will join me in mourning the death earlier today of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother at Windsor.

She was in every way a great and gracious lady, held in deep affection and respect by Australians. [Read more…]

Queen Mother A Great And Gracious Lady: Howard

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, who died yesterday at the age of 101.

Howard held a press conference in Sydney.

  • Listen to Howard (25s)

Transcript of Prime Minister John Howard’s press conference on the death of the Queen Mother.

Queen MotherPRIME MINISTER: Well, ladies and gentlemen, I know that all Australians will join me in mourning the passing of a very great and gracious lady, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. It is a time of mourning but it is also very particularly a time of thanksgiving for a quite remarkable life. A life which touched three centuries and the death of The Queen Mother removes a link with events long ago which have shaped the history of this country as well as the history of the United Kingdom and many other member countries of the commonwealth. She was a person who led a quite amazing life. It was not only very long but it was also a life governed by a loyalty and tradition and commitment to service. She embodied values of old-fashioned patriotism, of stoicism, of commitment to family and commitment to nation and commitment to an ideal. It will never be forgotten that during the darkest days of World War II, beside her husband, the late King George VI, she refused to leave London during the worst of the Nazi onslaught and was constantly with her late husband encouraging and uplifting the spirits their beleaguered people. [Read more…]


Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, has died, aged 101.

The Queen Mother, born The Honourable Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, died in her sleep at the Royal Lodge, Great Windsor Park yesterday. Her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, was at her side.

Queen Mother [Read more…]

Sir William Deane’s Speech On the Centenary of the Australian Parliament

The Governor-General, Sir William Deane, presided at the opening of the Commemorative Meeting of the Commonwealth Parliament.

DeaneThe joint sitting of the Parliament took place in Melbourne’s Exhibition Building.

The Centenary of Federation joint sitting took place one hundred years to the day since the First Commonwealth Parliament met in 1901.

The First Parliament met in Melbourne’s Parliament House until it moved to Canberra in 1927.

During that time – 1901-1927 – the Victorian Parliament met in the Exhibition Building.
[Read more…]