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Smith and Newman: Latest Queensland Flood Press Conferences

3.50pm AEDT – Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman have held press conferences on the Queensland flood situation.

Smith gave details of Defence “assets”, mainly helicopters, which are being made available through Amberley air base. [Read more…]

Gillard Warns of Dire Times Ahead

1.45pm AEDT – Prime Minister Julia Gillard has warned that conditions in parts of Queensland are dire.

Julia Gillard at her Canberra press conference this afternoonSpeaking in Canberra, Gillard had little to add to information provided earlier today by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. She said the death toll was likely to rise as difficult weather conditions continue to prevail.

Gillard confirmed that flood waters in Ipswich would be at least 16 metres and possibly higher. The 1974 flood peaked at 20 metres.

Gillard said some places had now been hit twice in a matter of weeks by floodwaters. She said offers of assistance had been received from many countries and an offer of extra personnel from New Zealand had been taken up. [Read more…]

Gillard Announces Aid For Queensland Flood Victims

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced more measures to assist victims of the disastrous Queensland floods.

The Prime Minister said hundreds of millions of dollars will flow to flood victims.

“All in all, with Commonwealth government assistance flowing, it will be in the order of many hundreds of millions of dollars.” [Read more…]