Julia Gillard’s Interview With Ray Martin

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has given an interview to Ray Martin.


The 35-minute interview was shown on Channel 9 tonight. [Read more…]

2001 Federal Election: John Howard And Kim Beazley Leaders’ Debate

This is the transcript of the nationally televised Leaders’ Debate in the 2001 Federal Election.

Liberal Prime Minister John Howard was seeking his third term, having been elected in 1996 and re-elected in 1998.

Opposition Leader Kim Beazley was contesting his second election as Labor Party leader.

The debate was moderated by Channel 9’s Ray Martin. [Read more…]

Howard And Beazley In 1998 Election Debate

Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Kim Beazley have debated each other on national television.

The debate took place on Channel 9. It was hosted by Ray Martin.

  • Listen to the Election Debate (59m)

Transcript of Howard-Beazley 1998 election debate. [Read more…]

1996 Federal Election: Keating-Howard Television Debate

Prime Minister Paul Keating and Opposition Leader John Howard met in a televised debate on February 11, 1996.

This is the Channel 9 video of the debate. It is hosted by Ray Martin. [Read more…]