Day 31: Sound And Fury

One of the most revealing pictures of the election campaign appeared on the front page of The Age last Thursday. It showed two women knitting whilst ignoring Julia Gillard who appeared behind them on a large television screen at the Rooty Hill RSL.

Yesterday, Gillard “launched” her campaign and the parties squabbled over holding another leaders’ debate. The Prime Minister was interviewed on the 7.30 Report and Tony Abbott appeared on QandA.

The rest of this final week of the campaign will see Gillard, Abbott and Greens leader Bob Brown make appearances at the National Press Club. A leaders’ forum in Brisbane seems likely. Abbott will be interrogated again on The 7.30 Report. Wayne Swan and Joe Hockey will debate each other on a breakfast TV program.

So much activity, but is anyone taking any notice? Is the electorate in fact engaged in a mass equivalent of those two women knitting? [Read more…]