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Mitt Romney Suspends Presidential Bid

Mitt Romney today suspended his campaign for the Republican Party nomination for President.

Romney’s poor showing in the Super Tuesday primaries had seen him lagging well behind Senator John McCain, who is now assured of the nomination. [Read more…]

‘Faith In America’: Mitt Romney’s Speech On Faith

The Republican presidential contender, Mitt Romney, has delivered a speech on religion, seeking to insulate himself from political attacks based on his Mormon faith. [Read more…]

Downer: Reflections On The Church, World Affairs & Human Dignity

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has reflected on the role of churches in foreign relations.

Alexander DownerHis remarks came in a speech to the Tabor Adelaide Alumni Association Annual Dinner in Adelaide.

Downer pondered the connection between the Foreign Policy White Paper and “national values”.

He considers the role of Christian missions and the part they play in development programs “on the ground”. Downer said: “The Government recognises that religious organisations are not only an integral part of a healthy civil society, but can also assist in the practical delivery of programs, including at the international level. The Government’s lead agency in development cooperation – AusAID – which is part of my portfolio, has supported the relief and development work of religious organisations since its inception.”

“You Are All One”: Some Reflections on the Church, World Affairs and Upholding Human Dignity.


I’m delighted to be here and to have this opportunity to speak to you.

Tabor College is a fine educational institution. Since its inception in 1979, it has established itself as a multi-denominational centre for Christian education, grounded in a charismatic perspective. Its government-accredited courses are well regarded, and offered to members of all Christian churches and any nationality. [Read more…]