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Stephen Conroy Announces Resignation From Senate In Undelivered Speech

Senator Stephen Conroy, the ALP’s deputy leader in the upper house, has announced his resignation in an undelivered speech to the Senate that was tabled last night.


Conroy, 53, rose in the Senate at 8.53pm, at the end of the second-reading debate on the government’s Omnibus Bill of expenditure cuts. He made a brief comment and tabled a speech.

The Senate then went on to debate crossbench amendments to the legislation. The third reading of the bill took place at 11.35pm and the Senate adjourned at 11.38pm. Conroy’s resignation only came to light this morning, although the Hansard transcript would have gone online in the early hours. [Read more…]

Tasmanian Greens MP Peg Putt’s Resignation Speech

This is the resignation speech of Tasmanian State MP Peg Putt.

PuttPutt, a longtime Greens activist, was elected to the Tasmanian House of Assembly in 1993, replacing Bob Brown in the electorate of Denison.

In 1998, Putt was the only Greens member to be elected to the House of Assembly, following its reduction from 35 to 25 members.

Joined by three other Greens following the 2002 election, Putt became leader of the party.

Following her retirement, she was succeeded as leader by Nick McKim. [Read more…]