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Anzac Day Dawn Service: Speech At Gallipoli By Defence Minister Hill

This is the text of the speech delivered at the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Gallipoli, Turkey, by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill.

Gallipoli Anzac Day Dawn Service speech by Senator Robert Hill.

HillWe stand here this morning to remember all those who suffered and died at this place 89 years ago.

We pay homage not only to the Australians and New Zealanders, but also men from Britain, France, Canada, India and Newfoundland. We remember the brave Turks who defended this ground.

In time, we have ceased to distinguish between the loss of friend or foe – all who fought here shared a common sacrifice, and those who remember them share their legacy of courage. [Read more…]

Australia’s Defence Well Prepared, But ALP Would Make Us Vulnerable: Hill

This is the text of the speech delivered by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, to the 2004 Federal and Queensland Convention of the Young Liberal Movement, in Surfers Paradise.

Transcript of speech by Senator Robert Hill.

HillGood morning.

The Liberal Party has long distinguished itself from Labor and the other political parties by its cool-headed appreciation of the importance of national security. In contrast to Labor, the Liberal Party is not divided on ideological grounds. We will put Australia’s interests first but will not turn out back on friends and allies. We will tackle problems head on rather then hope for the best. Providing national security is the first priority of government. To do this we need to understand the security environment that we inhabit. [Read more…]

Sometimes No Alternative To Force: Defence Minister

This is the text of the Anzac Day speech delivered by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, at the Dawn Service, on HMAS Kanimbla, in the Persian Gulf.

The speech was given just a month after the start of the Iraq war.

Senator Robert HillOn this day last year I had the honour to present the ANZAC Day address at the national commemoration in the forecourt of the Australian War Memorial. The War Memorial in Canberra is a poignant reminder of the enormous sacrifice that has been made by so many Australians over the generations. They were lives lost to preserve our freedom and that of our friends and allies – often very distant from Australian shores and in many instances in this region of the world. [Read more…]

Daily Defence Briefing On Iraq

This is the daily Defence Department briefing on the war in Iraq.

The briefing on Operation Falconer was given by Brigadier Mike Hannan. He announced that the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, had left fo rhte Middle East to meet with Australian troops. [Read more…]

Daily Defence Briefing: ‘It Looks Like A Short War,’ Says Hill

This the daily briefing on Operation Falconer, provided by the Defence Department.

The briefing was given by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill and the Chief of Defence, General Peter Cosgrove.

Hill said the Iraq war looked as though it would be a short war. [Read more…]

Daily Defence Briefing: Robert Hill And Peter Cosgrove

This is the daily Defence briefing on Australian military operations in Iraq and the Middle East.

The briefing was given by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, and the Chief of Defence, General Peter Cosgrove.

It came on the 14th day of the war against Iraq. [Read more…]

Government Deploys RAAF To Middle East

The Federal Government has announced details of the deployment of Royal Australian Air Force elements to the Middle East, in preparation “for a potential military campaign against Iraq should military action become necessary”.

HorneyThe Government will deploy 14 F/A-18 Hornet fighter aircraft, three C130 Hercules transport aircraft and an Air Forward Command Element.

The Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, said that even though “the Australian Government has not made any decision to commit to military operations against Iraq”, the deployment was part of a campaign “to step up diplomatic pressure on Saddam Hussein” and “to ensure that the men and women of the ADF are given the best possible opportunity to prepare for the possibility of conflict in the event that a diplomatic solution cannot be found”. [Read more…]

Government Gives In-Principle Support to US First-Strike Policy

This is the text of an Address by the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, to the Defence And Strategic Studies Course at the Australian Defence College, Canberra.

Transcript of speech by Senator Robert Hill at the Australian Defence College.


Thank you for the opportunity to address the course today. I intend to keep my remarks short and relatively informal, because my aim is to provoke you a bit and to leave some time to answer any questions.

I know I am speaking to an international audience. Much of what I want to say will obviously reflect an Australian perspective, but one of my themes is that contemporary security challenges are inherently international and can only be resolved cooperatively. In that sense the composition of this course is very appropriate. [Read more…]

Cosgrove Appointed Chief Of Defence Force

In the aftermath of the “children overboard” affair, the government has announced a shake-up of the Australian Defence Force which promotes Lieutenant General Peter Cosgrove to Chief of the Defence Force and sees the departure of two key players in the ‘children overboard’ affair.

The Australian Defence Force is headed by a Chief from one either the Army, Navy or Air Force. Each of the services also has a Chief.

Cosgrove, who first came to public prominence for his role in leading the peace-keeping mission in East Timor, is currently Chief of Army. He is to be promoted to the rank of General and become Chief of the Defence Force. He replaces Admiral Chris Barrie, who is to retire. [Read more…]

Australian Army 101 Years Old Today

The Australian Army is 101 years old today. The national Army was formed on March 1, 1901, although there were colonial militias fighting in the Anglo Boer War in South Africa at the moment of Federation on January 1, 1901.

ArmyA series of church services and other ceremonies are being conducted around the country to mark the occasion today. A statement from the Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, says that since 1901 “Australian soldiers have served in military campaigns during World Wars One and Two, Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam and in the Gulf.”

The statement goes on: “Today, Australian soldiers serve in peacekeeping, peace monitoring and military assistance operations around the world, including countries such as Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Bougainville, Ethiopia, Eritrea and East Timor. Australian Soldiers are at the forefront of Australia’s contribution to the coalition against terrorism.” [Read more…]