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The Ages Of The Shorten ALP Shadow Ministry

This is a breakdown of the Shorten ALP Shadow Ministry based on age.

For comparative purposes, see the statistics on The Ages of The Turnbull Government Ministers.

Whereas Turnbull is currently the only member of the executive over the age of 60, the ALP has 8 such members, including 2 in the Shadow Cabinet: Jenny Macklin and Senator Kim Carr. In most respects, however, the age breakdown is fairly similar between the ALP and the Coalition.

The oldest member of the Shorten team is Warren Snowdon, 66, who first entered Parliament in 1987. The youngest is Senator Sam Dastyari, 32, who filled a casual vacancy in 2013.

The average age of the Shorten team is 50.2, compared to 48.7 for the government. Turnbull’s Cabinet has an average age of 49.4, compared to Shorten’s 50.0.

Shorten ALP Opposition – Ages of Shadow Ministers – Summary
Group 60-69 50-59 40-49 30-39 Total Average Age

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Bill Shorten’s Remarks To The ALP Shadow Ministry In Brisbane

The ALP shadow ministry has met in Brisbane, ahead of the February 8 by-election in the seat of Griffith.

Text of remarks by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to the ALP Shadow Ministry.

Welcome to the first Shadow Ministry meeting of the year for Labor.

It’s great to have the team here in Queensland.

I’ve spent the week up here campaigning with our candidate for Griffith, Terri Butler – she’s an outstanding candidate that will stand up to Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott and fight for the people of her electorate. [Read more…]

Bill Shorten’s ALP Shadow Ministry – Full List

The Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, has announced the shadow ministry, following the ALP’s defeat in the 2013 federal election.

The reshuffle is extensive by comparison with the former Rudd and Gillard ministries and appears to reflect Shorten’s desire for a team he described as “energetic and diverse”. At a press conference today, Shorten said the executive demonstrated “generational change” with more members from “gen-X”. [Read more…]

Plibersek New ALP Deputy Leader; Wong And Conroy Take Senate Positions; Shadow Ministry Elected

Tanya Plibersek has been elected deputy leader of the ALP at a Caucus meeting in Canberra today.

Plibersek, the member for Sydney since 1998 and Minister for Health in the former Labor government, will be Deputy Leader of the Opposition.


Senator Penny Wong has been re-elected as Senate leader, the position she secured on June 26 when Kevin Rudd replaced Julia Gillard. [Read more…]

Tony Abbott’s Revised Coalition Shadow Ministry

This is the Coalition shadow ministry, as of September 19, 2012.

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Nelson Announces Shadow Ministry

The Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Brendan Nelson, has announced the coalition’s new shadow ministry.

Nelson has drawn on the experience of former Howard government ministers such as Julie Bishop, Joe Hockey, Nick Minchin, Malcolm Turnbull and Andrew Robb. He has elevated new faces such as Tony Smith, Greg Hunt, Bob Baldwin, Andrew Southcott, Margaret May, Sussan Ley and Pat Farmer. [Read more…]

Coalition Shadow Ministry From December 6, 2007

The new Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Brendan Nelson, has announced the coalition’s shadow ministry.

The team comprises a mix of former Howard government ministers and new faces. [Read more…]

Crean Reshuffles Shadow Ministry After Defeating Beazley Challenge

After Simon Crean’s defeat of Kim Beazley’s leadership challenge, the following Shadow Ministry was announced. [Read more…]

Simon Crean’s New ALP Shadow Ministry

This is the new ALP shadow ministry as announced by the Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean.

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Beazley ALP Shadow Ministry 2001

This is the full list of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s shadow ministry. [Read more…]