Liberals Outpoll Labor In South Australia But Weatherill Clings To Power As Two Independents Hold The Balance In Hung Parliament

The South Australian Labor government led by Premier Jay Weatherill is clinging to government as counting of today’s election continues. Two independents will most likely hold the balance of power in a hung parliament, with the ALP best placed to form government.


In the 47-member House of Assembly, the ALP has won 23 seats, the Liberals have 22, and there are 2 independents. [Read more…]

Weatherill: Government Response To Holden Closure Pathetic

The South Australian Labor Premier, Jay Weatherill, says the federal government’s response to the Holden closure is pathetic.


Speaking at a press conference today, Weatherill said the package announced today by Prime Minister Tony Abbott was “manifestly inadequate. [Read more…]

South Australian Election: A Look at the State of the Parties

There are 47 electorates being contested in today’s South Australian election. Either side needs to win 24 seats to govern in their own right. [Read more…]

Minority Government In South Australia

The South Australian Liberal government of John Olsen lost its majority in the lower house yesterday after one of its backbenchers, the member for Hammond, Peter Lewis, was expelled from the parliamentary party.

OlsenThe Liberal Party now holds only 23 of the 47 seats in the House of Assembly. It will be dependent on the support of the National Party member for Chaffey, Karlene Maywald, or the independent member for Gordon, Rory McEwen. The ALP has 21 seats.

Lewis was expelled after calling for the replacement of John Olsen with his predecessor, Dean Brown. [Read more…]