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Council Of Australian Governments Joint Press Conference on Stem Cell Research

The meeting of the Council of Australian Governments, held in Canberra on Friday, is being hailed by the participants as the best ever.

The major decision of COAG was an agreement on stem cell research. For the first time ever, all the State Premiers and Territory Chief Ministers are from the ALP, with Prime Minister John Howard representing the non-Labor Federal government.

The Premiers were no doubt keen to demonstrate that wall-to-wall Labor governments are good for the federal compact, but there seemed also to be a genuine belief that the COAG meeting had been productive. There was effusive praise from the Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie, for the Prime Minister. [Read more…]

Crean Welcomes Howard’s ‘Overdue’ Decision On Stem Cell Research

The Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean, has welcomed the government’s support for stem cell research but says it is long overdue.

Crean’s comments came in response to the announcement by the Prime Minister of his support for limited stem cell research.

Text of statement from Opposition Leader Simon Crean.

CreanJohn Howard’s long overdue decision to follow Labor’s lead and support the use of surplus IVF embryos for stem cell research is a welcome development.

Mr Howard’s handling of this important issue has been botched from the start.

He initially moved to outlaw the use of IVF embryos by giving carriage of the issue to staunch opponent Kevin Andrews, the Minister for Ageing, instead of the Minister for Health. [Read more…]

Howard Supports Stem Cell Research

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has announced government support for stem cell research and a total ban on human cloning.

Howard held a press conference in Canberra to make the announcement. [Read more…]

Stem Cell Research: A Case Study Of How Cabinet Works

This newspaper report provides a good case study of how Cabinet government works.

Note the interplay between Ministers, parliamentary committees, the Prime Minister, the public service and state governments.

The article points to the importance of ideological leanings amongst ministers. It also shows the role parliament can play in the formation of legislation. [Read more…]