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Vince Connelly (Lib-Stirling) – Maiden Speech

This is the maiden speech to the House of Representatives by Vince Connelly, Liberal member for Stirling, Western Australia.

Listen to Connelly’s speech (22m):

Watch Connelly’s speech (25m):

Hansard transcript of maiden speech by Vince Connelly, Liberal member for Stirling.

The SPEAKER (17:07): Before I call the honourable member for Stirling, I remind the House that this is the honourable member’s first speech, and I ask the House to extend to him the usual courtesies.

Mr CONNELLY (Stirling) (17:07): While I was writing this speech, my wife, Peta, gave me the kind of wise and blunt advice which I have come to expect and to rely upon. She said, ‘Vinny, don’t try to be witty or charming or intellectual; just be yourself.’ It is quite good advice, and so, as usual, I decided that I would take it. I was also encouraged by the eloquence and courage that my fellow new parliamentarians have applied during their maiden speeches, sharing their personal stories and shedding a light on why they have fought to be here. They’ve all said in a variety of ways that they are here because of others and they are here for others. Friends have asked me, ‘Vince, why do you want to go into politics?’ My answer has been consistent and simple: it’s because this is my opportunity to do the most good that I can do. [Read more…]