Why Kevin Deserves A Chance: Sunday Telegraph Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from the Sydney Sunday Telegraph.

The Sunday Telegraph is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from the Sunday Telegraph.

Why Kevin Deserves A Chance

This time next week, Kevin Rudd could be Prime Minister of Australia. Will Australia have made the right choice?

Mr Rudd has displayed in his 12 months as opposition leader an ability to lead, even though he has stumbled occasionally along the way. [Read more…]

Mr Howard’s Team Deserves A Fourth Term: Sunday Telegraph

This is the editorial from the NSW Sunday Telegraph.

The newspaper is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

Election editorial from Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph.

Sunday Telegraph

Rarely has there been an election campaign in which so much money has been showered on the electorate in so short a time.

John Howard and Mark Latham have plundered the spoils of 12 years of economic growth to stage an unseemly auction for votes. [Read more…]

Future Matters More Than Past: Sunday Telegraph Election Editorial

The Sunday Telegraph newspaper in Sydney has called for a change of government in next weekend’s federal election.

The News Corporation paper says that Prime Minister John Howard has given up on reform and “his Government overtaken by policy initiatives which have blown the Budget surplus”. Howard has failed to deliver a clear vision, according to the paper. It says the government has “been driven by opinion polls and vote catching, rather than the economic and social well-being of our nation”.

The paper says Opposition Leader Kim Beazley “has articulated a sound domestic policy vision for Australia” and is best equipped to govern after November 10. [Read more…]