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Susan Davies: Statement In Support Of A Minority Labor Government

This is the text of a statement by Susan Davies, independent member for Gippsland West, offering her support to a minority Labor government led by Steve Bracks.

Davies was formerly an ALP member and ALP candidate for Gippsland West. She won the seat as an independent in a by-election in 1997, after the ALP decided not to contest the election.

Davies was joined by the other independent members, Russell Savage and Craig Ingram, in supporting a minority Labor government in preference to the Coalition government of Jeff Kennett.

Statement by Susan Davies, independent member for Gippsland West.

Final Results from the 1999 State Election

I remain an Independent. My main concern is with my own electorate. However we Independents have to make a choice on which party we will assist to form government.

I offer my support, to the limited extent outlined in the preamble to the Independent’s Charter Victoria 1999, to the Labor Party. Both Russell Savage and Craig Ingram have also made the same choice, which means the ALP has sufficient numbers to form government in Victoria. [Read more…]

Historic Decision: Independents To Support Labor in Victoria

11.20am – The 3 Independents in the Victorian Legislative Assembly have announced that they will support the formation of a minority Labor government. Details to follow.

Attention will now focus on whether the caretaker Premier, Jeff Kennett, will resign immediately, or whether he will insist on the opportunity to test his support in Parliament, perhaps as early as next week.

It is understood that the Opposition Leader, Steve Bracks, will seek an appointment with the Governor, Sir James Gobbo, this afternoon. [Read more…]

ALP Wins Frankston East; Fate of Kennett Government Known on Monday

A major swing of around 8% has delivered the seat of Frankston East to the ALP. Victory for the ALP gives it 42 seats in the Victorian Legislative Assembly, the coalition 43, and Independents 3.

Attention now turns to the formation of a minority Coalition or Labor government. The Kennett government needs the support of two independents, whilst the ALP would require all three. [Read more…]

Steve Bracks Responds To The Independents’ Charter

This is the text of the response from Steve Bracks to the Independents’ Charter, following the 1999 Victorian state election.

The election resulted in a hung parliament, threatening the third-term re-election of the Kennett Coalition government. One seat remained undecided, due to the death of the sitting member. Pending the supplementary election, the three independent members – Susan Davies, Russell Savage and Craig Ingram – negotiated with Kennett and Bracks, submitting a Charter to both sides.

A.L.P. Response to the Independents’ Charter Victoria 1999

Ms Susan Davies MP
Independent Member for Gippsland West

Dear Ms Davies

I write to formally respond to your letter of the 1 October 1999 incorporating an amended copy of the Independent’s Charter Victoria 1999.

I am pleased to indicate that I support the Charter in its entirety and seek to outline in detail how a Bracks’ Labor Government could implement it in full. [Read more…]