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Joe Hockey Defends His Budget In Speech To The Sydney Institute

The Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has delivered an aggressive defence of his first Budget, in a speech to The Sydney Institute tonight.


Hockey took issue with claims that the Budget increases inequality: “I would argue the comments about inequality in Australia are largely misguided, both from an historical perspective, and from the perspective of the Budget.” [Read more…]

In Speech To The Sydney Institute, Abbott Signals Temporary Pain In Nation-Building Budget

In a pre-Budget speech to The Sydney Institute, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has reiterated his commitment to keeping the Coalition’s election promises, whilst signalling “temporary pain” in next month’s Budget.


Abbott described the annual financial statement as a “nation-building budget”. He said: “The budget pain will be temporary but the economic improvement will be permanent… This will not be a budget for the rich or the poor, it will be a budget for the country.” [Read more…]

Eric Abetz: Industrial Relations After The Thirty Years War

The Minister for Employment, Senator Eric Abetz, has delivered a major speech on industrial relations to The Sydney Institute.

The speech came on the day allegations of bribery and corruption in the construction industry reignited the debate over unions and workplace regulation. [Read more…]

Abbott: Indigenous Issues Will Be At The Heart Of A Coalition Government In Word And Deed

Tony Abbott says engagement with Aboriginal people will be one of the hallmarks of an incoming Coalition government.

Speaking to The Sydney Institute tonight, Abbott said a non-Labor government would be “complacent, even neglectful” if it failed to address “the most intractable difficulty our country has ever faced”. [Read more…]

Anthony Albanese: Driving Productivity Through Infrastructure

The Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, has outlined the federal government’s approach to infrastructure and productivity in an address to The Sydney Institute.

Albanese [Read more…]

Tony Abbott Speech on the Economy to The Sydney Institute

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has delivered a speech on the economy to The Sydney Institute.

Whilst containing no new policy initiatives, the speech attempts to broaden Abbott’s campaign against the government into the prevailing discussion about China and the economic crisis in Europe.

Abbott reiterated his proposals for budget cuts, improved economic growth, productivity reform and workforce participation.

AUDIO of the speech will be posted here once it becomes available.

Official transcript of Tony Abbott’s speech to The Sydney Institute.

Almost 50 years ago, an influential book described Australia as the “lucky country”.

Author Donald Horne meant that we’d relied on our luck rather than on our insights or on our hard work to get where we are but the irony was largely missed.

As if to prove his point, the tag passed into popular use and ever since has helped to reinforce the complacent expectation that something would always turn up to keep us safe and prosperous.

There is a complacent assumption from people who should know better that Australia is largely immune to the economic turmoil threatening Europe because China’s growth guarantees our future prosperity.

There’s no doubt that the China boom has sustained Australia’s economic success over the past decade.

There should equally be no doubt that the boom will one day end. Otherwise, it would be the first never-ending boom in human history. [Read more…]

Sydney Institute Speech: Gillard Warns of Tight Budget

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, says Australia is entering a period of “record fiscal consolidation”, and has warned of a tight budget next month.

Julia Gillard addresses The Sydney Institute


Addressing The Sydney Institute, Gillard said “the time for government to step back is in this Budget.” She said the government “will be making hard decisions in this Budget to prevent greater pain in the long term.” [Read more…]

Terrorism, Policing & The Media: Controversial Keelty Speech

The Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, has made a controversial speech in which he argues for a gag on media coverage of terrorism arrests.

The speech was delivered to the Sydney Institute. [Read more…]

John Howard’s Speech On Reconciliation

  • Listen to John Howard’s Speech on Reconciliation to the Sydney Institute (35m)

John Faulkner: Balancing Government Effectiveness With Oversight And Scrutiny

Senator John Faulkner has delivered a wide-ranging speech on Senate reform to The Sydney Institute.

Faulkner, the ALP Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, said the Senate had evolved into an effective house of review but the task now was to ensure that governments can carry out their electoral promises whilst maintaining oversight and scrutiny.

Transcript of Senator John Faulkner’s Address to the Sydney Institute on Senate Reform.

FaulknerLadies and Gentlemen, in June this year the Prime Minister announced his Government’s intention to reform the “deadlock provisions of the Constitution in section 57.”[1]

For Mr Howard constitutional reform is a newfound interest. For Labor, constitutional reform is a long held conviction, reforms not solely about the moment, reforms not solely about advantaging the Government in power. Unlike John Howard and the Liberal Party, Labor has been committed to restricting the powers of the Senate since Federation. [Read more…]