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Costello Decries Anti-American Sentiment Amongst Teachers

Peter Costello, Liberal Member for Higgins, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, Federal TreasurerThe Treasurer, Peter Costello, has attacked anti-American sentiment by teachers and criticised the teaching of history in Australian schools.

In an address to the Australian American Leadership Dialogue Forum’s Gala Dinner in Sydney, Costello defended the alliance with the United States and sought to examine the origins of what he termed ‘anti-Americanism’. He claimed that anti-Americanism is “prevalent” in Europe and “viruluent” in the Arab world.

In Australia, Costello argued, anti-American sentiment is dressed up as “anti-globalisation”. He said: “Opponents of globalisation locate evil in the same place that their ideological soulmates from the days of the Cold War did. Left wing politics and its more recent variant – anti-globalisation – operates in a fever of anti-Americanism.” [Read more…]

Federal Government Re-Announces School Funding Plans

The Federal Government has announced a funding package for schools worth $31.3 billion over the next four years, but most of the money was allocated in last year’s budget.

Independent schools received a 47% increase in funding, whilst state schools got 27%. For the first time, independent schools will receive more federal money than state schools – $7.6 billion, compared with $7.2 billion.

Catholic schools will receive $12.6 billion.

The measures will only add about $100 million a year to the budget, compared to the budget announcements. [Read more…]